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Online pre-registration for Spring 2017 and Summer 2017 will begin the week of October 31 and end November 11. Your student should schedule a meeting with their academic advisor (if they have not already!) and plan to register. Registration is an online process through VikingWeb. Your student can find important information regarding registration by logging into VikingWeb and looking under the “Course Registration” tab.

To ensure a smooth registration process, encourage your student to double-check the following:

  • Their individual preregistration begin time (based on current hours earned)
  • Their advisor clearance status. Students must be cleared by their advisor to register for Spring 2016 semester courses
  • Make sure they do not have any registration HOLDS that would prevent them from registering online. If your student does have a HOLD, they may check with the indicated office for more information. Note that WARNINGS will not prevent a student from preregistering.

Graduating Spring 2018: During your student’s meeting with their academic advisor, they can ask their advisor to check their graduation audit to ensure they are on track for graduation.

If your student has any questions, please have them contact their academic advisor or the Registrar’s office