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Campus Use Policies

General Policies 

Berry College is fortunate to have a campus of significant beauty and scope. While some facilities have specialized use, all buildings and land belong to the college and use is determined by the college. The primary purpose of the college’s land and facilities is to serve its academic and operational activities, and college-sponsored events are given the highest priority for facility reservations and use of space.

Some college facilities are available for public gatherings of a non-profit, civic, social or educational character in a responsible manner, without cost to Berry College or interference with college activities. The college reserves the right to decline any public request for use of space.

While general use policies are listed here, facility costs and additional policies for specific facilities may apply and will be communicated through the reservation process. Alcohol is not permitted for any event on the main campus. All policies apply to students, faculty, staff, alumni and guests of the college and the college expects courteous behavior towards all members of the campus community and respectful use of the college’s facilities.

Academic classes are scheduled through the Registrar’s Office (706-236-2282) and all non-academic scheduling is coordinated through the Campus Scheduling Office (706-378-2880). Groups interested in overnight accommodations and conference space during the months of May through July work with the Camps and Conferences staff in the Residence Life Office (706-236-2209).

Facility Availability

Campus facilities are generally available throughout the entire year. Heavier use for on-campus groups is typically during the academic year (August-April), whereas summer months (May-July) are usually reserved for camps and conference groups, though some College-sponsored activities are scheduled during this time as well.

When the College is closed for an extended amount of time, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks, facilities will not be available to any on- or off-campus group, unless special permission is given and appropriate staffing is available.

When the College is closed for a single day, facilities may be available if the department has appropriate staffing to handle the event and facility needs.

During the academic year, spaces that are available for external groups include: Alumni Center, Cage Center, Chapels, Ford Dining Hall, Guest Cottages, Krannert Center, evening classroom use, academic auditorium use and a few outdoor spaces. During the summer months, additional facilities are available for camp and conference groups. For additional information on outdoor events, please see below.

Definition of Event Types and Group Types

Berry Events

A college campus is a vibrant and active place with students as the priority and education as the primary activity. With this in mind, priority for the use of space is given to events associated with the college, which include the following types of Berry events:

  • Academic Activities – These activities are directly related to the instructional mission of the college such as credit-bearing classes, activities related to academic course work or academic programs, and faculty and staff departmental needs.
  • College-Sponsored Campus Events – These activities are directly related to the life of the campus community beyond the classroom such as alumni and reunion events, athletic events, awards programs, commencement, faculty/staff development, speakers, musical programs, etc.
  • College-Sponsored Student Events – These activities are directly related to enhancing student life such as athletic, campus recreation, residence hall programming, student programming, student organization events and fundraisers, volunteer and service events, etc.
  • College-Related Events – These are academic, educational or administrative professional conferences and/or workshops arranged by students, administrative units, faculty and staff that may include a registration fee to cover expenses that are not considered basic or expected functions of the supporting student organization or college department.
Programs and events in the above category must be scheduled and sponsored by faculty, staff, or recognized student organizations. Facility rental fees are not charged to these groups except for catering or service fees for set-up or equipment-related costs.

Berry Co-Sponsored Events 

Occasionally, college departments or recognized student organizations may co-sponsor an event with an outside organization, such as academic programs, banquets, competitions, conferences, professional association meetings, etc.  In the case of a co-sponsored event, the following criteria must be met:

  • The department or organization partnering with the off-campus group must have an active role in the event and not be a sponsor “in name only”.  
  • Confirmation must be given from the appropriate area Vice President indicating the activity/event does not conflict or compete with the college’s mission.
  • The outside organization should not have a revenue generating interest in the co-sponsorship.  Its primary mission should be educational, civic or cultural.

Programs that are co-sponsored must be scheduled and sponsored by faculty, staff, an administrative office and/or recognized student organizations.  These activities are exempt from facility rental fees except for service fees in relation to catering, set-up or equipment-related costs. 

Non-Berry/External Events 

Non-college, external events are programs and activities organized by a business, community group or individual, and not sponsored by the college.  The outside organization is responsible for facility rental fees as well as service and catering fees established by the college. The organization will also be required to provide a certificate of insurance to the college. In general, non-Berry/external group events may require a contractual agreement with Berry. Non-Berry/External Group events are approved through the Campus Scheduling and/or the Camps and Conferences Offices. All non-Berry/external groups must have adult supervision if participants are under the age of 18.  

Faculty/Staff/Alumni/Student Events (Personal Use)

Faculty, staff, current students and alumni may reserve campus facilities for personal use for events such as wedding or baby showers, birthday parties, family reunions, etc. as long as the activity does not conflict or compete with the college’s mission and is not for-profit purposes. Facility rental fees will apply at a discounted rate (50% off) for events related directly to the Berry faculty/staff/student/alumni making the facility reservation. The discount will not extend to events related to external organizations, community/civic groups or businesses that faculty/staff/student/alumni may be associated with. In these instances the standard rates and the standard nonprofit discount will apply when appropriate.

Some meeting rooms such as the Krannert Underground, Krannert 217, Krannert 250, Ford Living Room, and the Oak Hill Garden Room may be used for faculty/staff personal events with no facility charge. Catering fees and set-up or equipment-related costs still apply and must be paid for by the individual and not a college department budget. Personal events related to a Berry department such as a baby shower, retirement reception, birthday gathering for Berry faculty/staff members are exempt from facility fees.

Students may also reserve residence hall lobbies, the Krannert Underground, Krannert 217 and Krannert 250 for personal use events such as birthday parties, wedding showers, socials, events for Berry students, etc. as long as the activity does not conflict or compete with the college’s mission and is not for fund-raising purposes. Students are exempt from facility rental fees but catering/setup/equipment costs may apply. The exception to this is wedding related events including rehearsal dinners, wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions. Students will be required to pay normal facility rental fees for these wedding related events.

Use of Outdoor Space at Berry

Berry College is fortunate to have a beautiful campus that attracts many visitors and in general is open to the public. Guests should be aware, however, that the college is private property as well as a residential campus, serving as a home to our students as well as many faculty and staff. Guests are asked to respect the privacy of the college’s residents and to be considerate of the campus grounds and wildlife.

Priority for use of outdoor space is given to campus groups and Berry events. We have many groups requesting use of our outdoor space and the college is unable to accommodate all of these requests. The college desires to keep to a minimum the disruptions for those who work, live, go to class and travel daily on campus.

All inquiries for outdoor events should be directed to the Campus Scheduling Office, who will determine availability as well as coordinate logistics and/or assistance from other departments as needed. A fee may be assessed for the outdoor space, set-up and equipment costs, and additional campus safety coverage if needed. Non-Berry/external groups are limited to the use of the Clara Bowl, Chapel Lawns, and Kilpatrick Commons (summer only). On-campus groups and Berry sponsored events will have access to additional outdoor spaces.

Internal and external groups may not host events that include animals unless it is related to academic purposes and/or is sponsored by a Berry College department. All external groups must have adult supervision if participants are under the age of 18. No event can include weapons of any kind.

For information on campus trails and personal outdoor recreation, please visit the Berry Campus Use and Recreation page on the Berry website. The Viking Trail is restricted to student and community recreational use only and is not considered a reservable space for events sponsored by external groups. For internal groups, special permission may be granted for an event.

The campus’ natural beauty makes it a frequent spot for amateur photography and filming. Photography and filming are permitted in approved areas provided it does not interfere with the college’s operations, events or policies. Commercial photography or filming requires permission of the college, which should be requested in advance through the Campus Scheduling Office. Professional filming inquiries are handled by the Director of Photographic Services and Community Relations.    

For additional information regarding photography on campus, please refer to the photography guidelines section.

Academic Facilities

The primary purpose of the college’s academic facilities is to serve the academic and operational activities and needs of the college. Consequently at the start of each new semester, requests for reserving academic classroom space may be done so on a tentative basis until all academic class schedules and locations have been confirmed and finalized during the first two weeks of the new semester.

Historic Properties and Oak Hill & The Martha Berry Museum

The Director of Oak Hill & the Martha Berry Museum oversees and coordinates the scheduling of both the Oak Hill and the Martha Berry Museum property and grounds as well as several historic properties located on Berry’s campus including: House o’ Dreams, Keown Pavilion, Possum Trot, and Roosevelt Cabin. Many of the historic properties are reserved exclusively for Berry sponsored events and are not available for external events due to the nature of the facilities.

The Berry Chapels

Berry’s three on-campus chapels are beautiful and historic landmarks and centers of activity on campus. The chapels are reserved for campus events, weddings, and occasional community events. Berry affiliated weddings may be held in all three chapels and members of the broader community are able to hold weddings in Barnwell Chapel. Requests for funeral and memorial services in the Berry chapels are limited to members of the Berry community. For more information on the chapels, refer to the Chapel Rental page.

Use of Berry’s Campus for Non-Profit Fundraisers

Berry’s assets make it an attractive place for walks, runs, or other events that serve a fund-raising purpose for area non-profit groups. Because these events cause a disruption of the educational functions of the college and require campus staffing,they are approved on a limited basis. Occasionally a student organization may affiliate with a community service organization to sponsor an event as part of their on-going work with an off-campus community partner. These events must be approved on an annual basis. The walk/run procedure is outlined in the walk/run event section.

Solicitation on Campus & Student Fundraisers

Faculty, staff and students should refrain from soliciting on campus, in particular for individual needs. Solicitation for a humanitarian cause or with special merit may be conducted upon application and approval. Student Organizations must have solicitation/fundraising events approved by the Director of Student Activities. Groups other than student clubs/organizations, such as athletic teams or class projects, must have events approved by the Dean of Students. Solicitation should be for a particular group or organization and not for individual need or gain. Approval of solicitation/fundraising events should be done prior to reserving a space and prior to advertising an event.

Reservations, Facility Fees and Cancellations

Campus facilities may be reserved up to one year prior to the event date. Requests for space beyond one year may be made; however, these requests will not be confirmed more than twelve months prior to the event.

Non-Berry/external groups and faculty/staff/alumni/students using a space for personal use will be charged a rental fee for use of the facilities. A deposit of half of the total rental amount is required to hold and confirm the reservation, with the remaining balance due at least 30 days prior to the event.

If a facility reservation needs to be cancelled, all cancellations must be made in writing to the Campus Scheduling Office. Deposits will be refunded as follows in the case of cancellation:

  • 90 days or more prior to the event, full refund of the deposit
  • 60-89 days prior to the event, 50% refund of the deposit
  • 30-59 days prior to the event, 25% refund of the deposit
  • Less than 30 days prior to event, the deposit is nonrefundable
Facility Fees

For non-Berry events and events hosted by external groups or organizations facility rental fees will apply. Facility fees are structured into three categories: general fees, non-profit fees and fees for faculty/staff/alumni/student personal use. Berry reserves the right to charge a security deposit for events that pose a risk for damages.

External groups that are non-profit organizations will be required to submit a copy of their nonprofit, 501c3 paperwork in order to receive the nonprofit rate.

The Facility Fees are view-able in the Facility Rental Rate Sheet.

Berry College reserves the right to cancel or move an event to another location and/or date if the facility is needed for a college event. In very rare instances, the college may need to cancel an event. Additional information is provided on this in the Administrative Cancellations section below.

Administrative Cancellations and Schedule Changes Made by the College

When Berry College closes to the public because of reasonable concern due to weather emergencies, power outages, water outages, civil unrest, threat to national security or any other occurrence which may threaten the safety of persons on campus, events may be cancelled. The college is not responsible for any costs to the event host/organization that may result from a cancellation or delay due to campus closures. Every effort will be made to reschedule the event to another date or to refund the facility rental fee if rescheduling is not possible. If an event host/organization chooses to cancel an event due to inclement weather or another concern when Berry’s campus remains open, facility rental fees will be refunded following regular refund policies.
Campus closures and inclement weather announcements are posted on the Berry website homepage Event hosts/organizations will also receive notification from the Campus Scheduling Office in the case of event cancellations and campus closures.

In rare instances, confirmed reservations may also need to be adjusted or cancelled if they are found to conflict with another function or academic need of the college. The Campus Scheduling Office will work to provide alternative accommodations or to reschedule the event as needed in these circumstances. If rescheduling is not possible, all deposits will be refunded.

Either Berry College or the event host/organization planning an event may terminate or suspend its contracted obligations if such obligations are delayed, prevented or rendered impractical as a result of fire, flood, riot, earthquake, casualty, civil commotion, act of God or any law, ordinance, rule or regulation which becomes effective after the date of the event contract, provided that such occurrence is beyond the reasonable control of the party whose event is affected. In such circumstances, the affected party will not be liable to the other for delay or failure to perform to complete and preform the contracted obligations, other than there may be a prorated reduction in any remaining fees due and/or a refund of all deposits paid. 

Insurance for Non-Berry/External Events

External organizations and groups must provide Berry with a current certificate of insurance designating Berry College as additionally insured and insurance coverage must be valid for all effective event dates. Any expense in acquiring additional coverage is the responsibility of the external group or organization.

Insurance requirements include: 

  1. Commercial General or Personal Liability Insurance Each Occurrence Limit: $1,000,000
  2. Workers Compensation Insurance is required in accordance with applicable state law

External organizations that do not provide a certificate of insurance at least thirty days prior to an event will have special events coverage purchased for them through Garner & Glover and will be responsible for the additional cost. The event rates for coverage are based upon the size of the event and the charges are as follows:

Event Rates:

  • 500 people or less in attendance $71/per day
  • 501-1500 people in attendance $113/per day
  • 1501-2000 people in attendance $227/per day  
Insurance requirements may be waived for Berry Faculty/Staff/Student personal events depending on the nature of the event. Insurance requirements are impacted by the size and type of event.
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