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Staff/Faculty Co-Manager Roles & Responsibilities

General Description:

The Staff/Faculty Co-Manager is in a key role serving as facilitator and mentor to student operated enterprise leaders. As mentor, Co-Manager creates an environment in which students are encouraged to explore all aspects of operating a successful enterprise while maintaining appropriate focus on their academic studies.

As a Co-Manager, it is imperative that the student management team within the student enterprise be allowed to operate the enterprise in order to gain valuable experience before entering the working world. The experience gained will put Berry students far above the average graduate when applying for full time employment or graduate school.

As a result of natural and expected high turnover rates within the student ranks due to graduation, the Co-Manager provides valuable continuity within the student operated enterprise model.

Co-Manager focuses on teaching and developing student leaders. This experience for the students directly supports Berry’s strategic initiatives in becoming the premier work institution in the nation. 


  • As mentor, provides insight and guidance to student operated enterprise leaders on technical matters relating to the enterprise
  • Oversees college policies and procedures compliance with an emphasis on safety
  • Participates in approval process for financial transactions including purchase order generation, invoice handling and sales receipts handling and reporting
  • Evaluates performance of student operated enterprise leaders using established criteria via student work program
  • Provides institutional knowledge during student leader turnover
  • Assists with recruiting, hiring and training student leaders particularly in job specific components of the enterprise to ensure business continuity
  • Participates and supports Enterprise Development models for success including accounting practices, legal and risk management recommendations, marketing and advertising strategies.
  • Encourages student operated enterprise leaders to leverage available resources coordinated by Berry Enterprises Student Team (BEST). The resources include student leaders focused on marketing/communications, accounting/finance, web design, business planning/process improvement, personnel/training and project management.


Robin Holt

Rufus Massey 

Tim Brown

Milton Chambers

Brad Reeder

Helen Simmons   

Iris Peeler

Tom Harris  

Molly Waters    

Addison Harbin

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