Commuter Students

Just because you are a commuter does not mean you can’t be connected and active on campus. Berry has many different ways to get involved - there is something for everyone here!

Student Activities Office

The Student Activities Office (SAO) is located in Krannert Center right off the lobby. Not only does the SAO provide different opportunities for involvement through the 75+ student organizations’ events and various leadership programs but we also act as the hub for commuter students. We know that being a commuter can sometimes mean living a different schedule than a residential student so the SAO is here to help you get plugged in and stay active throughout your time here at Berry, no matter how busy your semester might get!

Here are some helpful things every Berry commuter should know...


There are no designated commuter lots on campus, however, popular locations are behind the Cage Center and Science Building. Be sure to leave a few minutes before your class to find a spot. All students must obtain a parking decal from Campus Safety in order to avoid fines. 

Meal Plans

Commuters are required to have at least a flex bucks plan for Berry Dining. Be sure to save your money and use your flex bucks occasionally for lunch snacks or just a cup of coffee! Money can be added to your account by visiting the Student Business Services in Hermann Hall. 

Between Classes

When your not at work and don't want to drive to/from home while you wait on your next class, stick around at some of these more popular commuter spots:

  • Krannert Lobby- although busy during the lunch and dinner hours, the lobby is fairly quiet throughout the rest of the day; grab a snack, watch some TV or prep for your next class
  • Krannert Underground- play a game of pool, watch some TV or just come sit around and relax
  • Memorial Library- grab a cup of coffee and get some studying out of the way
  • Cage Center- catch up on your favorite sports teams, get in a quick work out or shoot some hoops

Other Helpful Info

Commuter Corner- hosted each fall for first year commuter students to have the chance to come meet other first year commuters, get some helpful information from the SAO and ask questions of their own. Commuters will receive an email about meeting date and location.  

Semester Event Calendars- these are distributed by the SAO at the start of every fall & spring. Commuters can swing in and pick up a copy of their own!

Mountain Day Olympics- Commuters DO have a team and have won their division before. Be sure to swing by the SAO and sign up to play on or cheer on the Commuter Team. An interest meeting is held early September and sign ups typically begin shortly after.

Remember - the SAO is always available for commuter questions and resources- just stop in and see us!

Additional commuter information can be downloaded here:  Commuter Brochure