Viking Explorations Gifted and Talented Program

Hiking VictorSummer 2016

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Viking Explorations is designed to meet the educational needs of gifted and talented children in rising 3rd to 8th grades.  The program is co-sponsored by the Floyd County Schools and Berry College.

Located on the Berry College campus, children will have access to state of the art classrooms and facilities. Daily drop-off and pick-up will be at McAllister Hall, the science building on the Berry College campus.

Faculty teaching the courses are teachers from Berry College Elementary and Middle School and gifted/talented endorsed teachers from the Floyd County Schools.

Dates of the program are July 11-15, 2016

Morning sessions include one class from 8:30-10:00 and a second class from 10:30-12:00.  Students choose two different classes.  There will be a break with a snack from 10:00-10:30.

The tuition is $125 to be paid online at the time of registration by credit card. No checks will be accepted.

Registration is open May 1 to June 1 online at Viking Explorations at Berry

Late Registration will be open from June 2 to June 27 for $150.  No registration after June 27.

No refunds will be allowed. 

Supplies and equipment will be provided and are included in the price of the classes.

Class Offerings

BOLD Outdoor Leadership (ropes course) BOLD Staff
Chess Masters Gary Jones
Backyard Fun Amy Anderson
Summer at the Improv! Gretchen Dodson
Aquatic Habitats Kami Gillespie
Soaring with STEM Sandy Headrick
Latin America Jeannettelen Santillan
Let's Go Wild! Julianne Bailey
Science in the Kitchen Jason and Ellice Tucker

Class Descriptions

BOLD Outdoor Leadership: The Berry College Outdoor Leadership course will require the imagination and cooperation of every participant as we build communication skills and team confidence.  The aim of working on low ropes course elements is to maximize the group’s experience in communication and decision making, team effectiveness, group identity, conflict resolution and leadership formation. The week will build in difficulty with a possibility of a high ropes element at the end of the week.  This is an outdoor experiential learning class and requires closed toed tennis shoes.

Chess Masters: This class will take players from piece pushers to strategic thinkers in one of the world’s oldest games. Players will learn opening strategy, defense tactics, common checkmates, and how to anticipate what their opponent will play next.  This five-day “master class” will focus on instruction, practice, actual play, and improving chess prowess, no matter from what level the player starts.  Knowledge of piece movement is preferred. 

Backyard Fun: Students will engage in garden-related activities along with hands-on lessons on different habitats. Students will learn about the importance of gardening and explore the different habitats in Georgia including the plants that live in each. Students will construct their own indoor wildlife habitat.

Summer at the Improv!: This course will teach the basic rules of improv, including stage presence, saying “Yes,”  how to move a scene forward, justifying, listening and reacting and making character choices.  Most importantly, students will gain self-confidence, learn to celebrate the quirks that make us all unique and fabulous, build team-work skills, practice critical thinking and have a blast playing a wide variety of improv games. Beginners and previous students are welcome.  There is something for everyone to learn!

Aquatic Habitats: The Aquatic Habitats class is designed to provide students with a highly motivating and unique opportunity to investigate life science.  Each participant will set up an aquarium using live organisms. They will learn about the adaptations and interactions of the organisms within the aquatic habitat, and gain essential understandings of underwater ecosystems.  Throughout the class, students directly investigate the structures and behaviors of each aquatic living thing, discovering how they find food and safety. 

Soaring with STEM: Students will study and learn about aviation. Students will engage in learning about aeronautical engineering with real-life applications in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). Activities will include hands-on engineering experiences that excite and challenge students while promoting perseverance, problem solving, and collaboration. 

Latin America: Students will work on a variety of crafts from various parts of the Hispanic world. Activities will include designing/ painting maracas and learning the culture and language surrounding the crafts.

Let’s Go Wild!:  Come join a science-based class focusing on the wildlife that can be found on the campus of Berry College. We will learn cool animal facts and investigate their habitats. Plan on games, art, and research in the outdoor classroom that is Berry College!

Kitchen Chemistry: Have you ever wondered why bread rises? Did you know lemons can create electrical current? Do you know the difference between an exothermic and endothermic reaction? A chemical change versus a physical change? Put your scientific skills to the test as ordinary household items are transformed before your very eyes!