ISA/University of Belgrano


Buenos Aires is the sprawling capital of Argentina and has a population of 13 million. It is considered the commercial and industrial center of the country. The city is composed of many exciting districts, including bustling downtown with its historic buildings, offices, shops and theaters; San Telmo, with its antique shops, flea markets and tango bars; la Boca, an Italian neighborhood full of brightly painted houses and cantinas; and Belgrano, with its wide boulevards and outdoor cafes. Buenos Aires hosts many important international music events at the famous Colón Opera House. 

Programs of Study 
The University of Belgrano was founded in 1964 and enrolls approximately 14,000 students. Berry students enroll via International Students Abroad (ISA), which has its own on-site staff to assist students. Study abroad students choose from a variety of academic options, in Spanish or English. Students who wish to take Spanish language classes and content classes taught in English can enroll in the Latin American Studies Program (spring 2 & fall 2). In the Intensive Spanish Language program, students will take courses in Spanish offered at University of Belgrano's language department that focus on Spanish grammar, conversation, and culture.  Students will be placed at the appropriate language level.  High Advanced speakers (who have completed at least five semesters of college level Spanish) can choose from a large variety of courses in all disciplines and take classes with local Argentinean students at UB in the Courses with Locals in Multiple Disciplines program. 

Living Arrangements 
Students can choose to either stay with a host family or in a residence hall. Students who stay with a host family are provided room and board. Students who choose to live in the residence hall will have one to three other roommates. 

Students pay Berry College semester tuition and the ISA housing and meals fee.  Insurance costs $15 per week.  Prices are subject to change and other fees may apply. Students wishing to add the intensive month to their program must do so in transient status, paying ISA directly. Berry pays for up to 18 credit hours.  Some excursions through ISA are included.

Students are required to have a 2.5 minimum GPA. Students at any language level who desire to enroll in the Latin American Studies Program,  Students who want to take regular university classes with local students also need to have a high advanced level of Spanish. The Intensive Spanish Language Program (semester) allows students to progress through two consecutive levels of Spanish during the semester. Students must be flexible, as language level at UB can be determined lower than at Berry College.

Additional Information 
Students are required to obtain a visa for their stay in Argentina. For more information go to  the embassy of Argentina's website or call the Consulate in Georgia (404/880-0805404/880-0805 ).