EDU 222 & EDU 465

Located in the heart of South America, Ecuador is rich in both culture and history. The capital city, Quito, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the 1970s for having the best preserved and least altered history center in Latin America. Ecuador is located on the equator, in the middle of the world, and has four natural regions: The Amazon,The Andes Mountains, The Galapagos Islands, and the Coast.

Program & Academics
Students will spend most of their time at Alliance Academy International (AAI), a K-12 international school in Quito.  They will complete a two-day training session for teachers before teaching their own English language lessons daily for three weeks.  By completing the course requirements, students receive credit for Explorations in Diverse Cultures (EDU 222) and/or TEFL Practicum (EDU 465).  On weekends, the group travels to sites of interest, such as Mitad del Mundo (the middle of the world) and Baños.

Dr. Eliana Hirano, Assistant Professor of Teacher Education and Coordinator of the Minor in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), is a native of Brazil and has traveled extensively in Latin America and other parts of the world. The combination of a 3-week teaching experience and cultural immersion makes Ecuador a unique program.  Contact Dr. Hirano!

Housing & Meals
Students will live in dormitories on the AAI campus and stay in hotels during the weekend excursions.  During the three weeks of the summer program, breakfasts and lunches are served at the AAI dorm. Each week students will receive money to cover dinners, meals on weekends, and meals during the training session days.

In 2016, the program cost $3050 for three credits and $4200 for six credits.  This fee included airfare, lodging, meals and other items.

This program last ran from mid-June to mid-July 2016.  It is scheduled to be offered again in 2018 and will alternate summers with the Norway program.  During program years, the group meets several times during spring semester for the required zero-credit class EDU 221, which prepares students for travel.