James Cook University

Cairnes, Australia

James Cook University consists of two main campuses located in the northern Queensland coastal cities of Cairns and Townsville. For those applicants interested in gaining a one-of-a-kind education within a tropical environment, students at James Cook University have easy access to the nearby Great Barrier Reef and rainforests. As a result of the consistent tropical climate, the average temperature is around 78 degrees Fahrenheit year-round. While known for embracing a relaxed tropical lifestyle, the north Queensland region has tremendous cultural diversity consisting of Indigenous, European, and Asian communities. In addition, JCU campuses provide homes for a variety of native Australian creatures, such as the kookaburra, cockatoo, bush turkey, and wallaby.

Programs of Study 
JCU is world-renowned for providing outstanding opportunities for hands-on research in tropical science studies. Areas of studies that prospective students can choose from include: Coral Reef Ecology, Zoology, Geology, Psychology, and many more. In addition, JCU also offers courses in non-scientific study areas such as: Tourism, Creative Arts, Education, and Engineering, among many others. During free time, there is an abundance of activities that students can engage in such as: skydiving, white water rafting, hiking trails, horseback riding, sailing, and many more.

Living Arrangements 
Students have the choice to live either on-campus or off-campus. On-campus, there are 8 residential colleges, and accommodations range from self-catering units to 3-bedroom apartments. All students living on-campus will each have their own single study bedroom. Off-campus living is also available, consisting of apartments, houses, or shared accommodation within a close proximity to campus or in the suburbs. JCU provides an accommodation service able to assist in off-campus arrangements as well as on-campus.

Students pay Berry College tuition and the overseas institution's housing costs.  Click here for JCU's housing and meals costs.

For admission, applicants must have a GPA higher than 2.5 and have attended one full year at a college/university institution

After receiving Berry College approval, students apply to the program directly.