University of Reading

Reading, England

The University of Reading is set in 300 acres of landscaped parkland, known as Whiteknights, in Reading, England. With about 16,000 students it is one of Britain's medium sized universities. Reading itself - with about 146,000 inhabitants - is one of the most vibrant and cosmopolitan towns in the southeast. The famous medieval cathedral cities of Winchester and Salisbury are easily accessible by public transport, as is the world renowned remains of the Roman city of Silchester. London is only 40 miles from Reading and can be reached by high-speed train in under an hour. The campus is a quick bus ride from the city center. 

Program of Study 
autumn (Oct-Dec) or spring (Jan-Mar) plus exam term (April-June) 
At University of Reading students may choose courses in most of the University’s subjects. A feature of modules (classes) in British universities is an emphasis on the student's responsibility to learn rather than simply waiting to be taught. The class timetable will include a mixture of lectures, seminars and tutorial groups, and, where appropriate, laboratory work. Regular class tests are not a common feature at Reading or in other British universities. Berry students may earn up to 30 ECTS (the equivalent of 18 credit hours) per semester.  Spring students should plan to stay the duration of the summer exam period. 

Living Arrangements 
International students have three options for accommodation at the University of Reading: residence halls, a university-approved host family, or a private accommodation in the city of Reading. Most Halls of Residence offer fully catered facilities with 19 meals per week (3 meals a day during the week, 2 on the weekend). Self-catering halls are usually only available to full year students. 

Accommodation with a family is usually offered to students who will stay at Reading for less than a full academic year; the accommodation is bed and breakfast only and the price is fixed in advance. The responsibility for selecting and organizing this type of accommodation is the student's, but the Accommodation Office offers guidance and advice.  Private accommodation is usually viewed by the family as a tenant/landlord relationship rather than a culture-learning opportunity for the student.

Students pay Berry College semester tuition. There is a room deposit of £250; see the current housing brochure. Self-catering students will purchase their own food/meals.  See estimated budget in side bar.

Students from the USA are normally expected to have completed their sophomore year by the time of entry and need to demonstrate completion of some courses in their major. Students from the USA are expected to have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above. Most US citizen students not planning to work do not need a visa. Click here for current immigration/regulatory rules.