Academic internships are carefully monitored work or service experiences in which students have clear, intentional learning goals and actively reflect on what they are learning. Often, students choose to earn college credit for performing internships, which makes them an even better idea. (At Berry College, internships are graded on a pass/fail scale.)

Internships allow students to clarify career goals, learn specific job skills from experienced professionals, develop awareness of job responsibilities and career requirements, apply theories learned in the classroom to practical, on-the-job situations, and gain valuable experience for future employment or admission to graduate or professional school. Even better, in 2012, the NACE Journal reported that 58 percent of internships lead to full time positions!

Any Berry College student who has completed 60 or more credit hours and earned a cumulative GPA of at least 2.6 is eligible to do an Academic Internship. Setting an internship up for academic credit is a straightforward process – all you have to do after securing an internship is work with a professor to create a set of learning goals and complete an Internship Learning Agreement. The Career Center is here to help students find out what’s out there and define the types of internship opportunities they might want to pursue, utilize resources to research internship options, and complete the required paperwork for approval. It's never too early to start exploring the possibilities! Call or stop by the Career Center to get started.