shamesSteven Hames
Communication Technology Specialist, Communication

I came to Berry in 2011 after spending almost 15 years in television as a producer, director, and editor. I earned my undergraduate degree at Shorter College, and a Masters at Georgia State University. I am married and have two sons. 

I am currently the advisor to Viking Fusion, Berry’s student-run multimedia website, and Technology Specialist for the Department of Communication. I am a huge movie buff and love 

to talk films with almost anyone. I also enjoy reading and the theater, having minored in it when I was an undergrad. 

I like being a part of the LifeReady Guide Program because when I was in college I had a professor who mentored me. He was someone I could always talk to and who helped to guide me through good and bad times at Shorter. Because of the way he supported me, I want to support the students of Berry by being a person that they can talk to and who can help to guide them through the good times and the bad.