Guide definition


At Berry, we define student/guide relationships as:

"A purposeful and personal relationship in which a more experienced person provides guidance, feedback, and wisdom to facilitate the growth and development of a less experienced person."


Similar to those guiding in nature, Guides in the college context help students navigate their four year path to graduation. 

Like guides in the wilderness, the faculty and staff who guide:

  • Are concerned with 1) student success on the journey and 2) students' goals for the future
  • Are experts in the Berry experience or journey, but do not do the work for students
  • Are equipped to assess whether students have acclimated to the new college climate while preparing for new obstacles

As the college journey continues, the guide and student will continually reflect on progress and ability. And it is our hope that as students look back from the summit of graduation, they know more about themselves, about the world around them, and about what next big adventure they are capable of. Want to learn more? Meet our Guides here.