Sophomore Summit


Before sophomore year, professors, advisors, and work supervisors nominate students they believe have the potential to be a change-makers and leaders on Berry’s campus. Those that accept this nomination are invited to a welcome back celebration where students:

  • Are recognized for achievements of the previous year
  • Are given a space to consider and leverage academic, work, and extracurricular experiences 
  • Are partnered with prominent Berry alumni  in attendance to celebrate and discuss with students opportunities for meaningful experiences in the nominee's Berry career in order to help students set significant goals for their time left at Berry.

Along with this mentoring moment, students who accept this nomination and agree to participate in the Sophomore Summit Alumni Dinner will also be invited to special programming throughout the fall and spring semester to continue to encourage and support them in their goals and efforts during Sophomore year.

If you are an interested student and would like to be nominated, talk to your professors/work supervisors OR let us know by sending an email to