tcarverTom Carver
Adjunct Lecturer, Psychology

While working happily along at a college in Pennsylvania, I received a letter one day in the latter months of 1977 from Berry College inviting me to apply for an opening in the position of Dean of Students. 

Since the winter of '77 and '78 was quite brutal, southern weather seemed quite attractive. My wife and I were invited to visit Berry and get a closer look at the available job. 

February of 1978 became a memorable time in our lives. Leaving temperatures in the teens with about six inches of snow on the ground and in a little over two hours being greeted by clear skies and a temperature of 65 degrees and the entrance of Berry College, which no publication can adequately capture the beauty, my wife and I were presented with nothing but beauty in the natural environment and quality after quality in our acquaintance with students, faculty and staff. 

One thing lead to another and the Carver family arrived in July for husband and dad to begin his employment at Berry College. We lived on campus for 26 years and including our 12 retired years of teaching Psychology, part time, we have been at Berry for 38 years. 

I enjoy helping students. For all of my 38 years I have served as a faculty advisor and now also serve as a guide in the LifeReady Guide program. 

I look forward to sharing what I know about Berry in order to assist those who want to improve and continue to improve as a part of their education.