Disability Accommodations

Accommodations are changes to how things are normally done that provide you with an equal opportunity to participate in and enjoy the benefits of your education. Accommodations may include: 

Changes to a classroom environment or task 

Removal of architectural barriers 

Modifications to policies, practices or procedures 

Provision of appropriate auxiliary aids and services 

Examples include providing a quiet room for test taking and other test taking accommodations e.g., providing extended time, giving the exam in alternative formats, permitting the use of a dictionary or spell checker, and repeating instructions], and providing written materials in alternative formats such as large print, Braille, computer disk, or audio tape.

Examples include adapting a dorm room to meet the needs of a student who uses a wheelchair and installing better lighting in classrooms to assist students with low vision.

Examples include providing course substitutions or waivers and extending timelines for completing assignments.

Examples include providing sign language interpreters, note takers or scribes, tape recorders, and readers.

The law states that some students with disabilities have a right to academic accommodations. In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Resolution 504, Berry College accommodates students with documented disabilities. Students who believe they will need accommodations for a disability should contact the appropriate office as soon as possible after acceptance to the College.  


Students with documented special needs (i.e. learning disabilities, emotional, psychological, or physical disabilities) must make an appointment to meet with Katrina Meehan Academic Success Center assistant director, as soon as they decide to attend Berry College so they may identify their need for accommodations.  The student seeking accommodations for a disability must provide documentation of the disability. If the student does not provide documentation, no accommodations will be provided.  Parents or guardians cannot identify special needs for their child.  

Inquiries about academic accommodations should be directed to: 

Anna Sharpe, Director
Email: asharpe@berry.edu
Phone: 706-233-4080  
FAX: 706-368-6969

Katrina Meehan, Assistant Director
Email: kmeehan@berry.edu
Phone: 706-233-4080  
FAX: 706-368-6969

Kim Sippel, Office Manager
Phone: 706-233-4080 
Email:  ksippel@berry.edu  


Inquiries about housing accommodations should be directed to: 

Lindsay Norman, Director of Residence Life 
Phone: 706-236-2209 
FAX: 706-236-5098 

Berry College 
Residence Life Office 
P.O. Box 490087 
Mount Berry. GA 30149-0087 


Inquiries about food services accommodations should be directed to: 

Fraser Pearson, Director Phone: 706-368-1701 
FAX: 706-368-5640 

Berry College Dining Services 2277 Martha Berry Hwy P.O. Box 26 Mount Berry, GA 30149 



Those with serious health issues should contact: 

Emma Cordle, Health & Wellness Center Director 
Phone: 706-233-4050 
FAX: 706-368-6956 

Ladd Center 34 
PO Box 490067 
Mount Berry, GA 30149 

Those with serious psychological conditions should contact: 

Dr. Marshall Jenkins, Counseling Center Director 
Phone: 706-236-2259 


It is also advisable for those with serious health and/or psychological conditions to ask their physician for a referral to a physician in the Rome area.