Statement of Beliefs

The faculty of the Campbell School of Business is committed to fulfilling the Berry College mission of educating CSOB’s students' HeadHeart and Hands within the context of the School’s disciplines. We believe that conscientious people work to create value for clients and a better life for fellow workers as an integral part of their business endeavors, as well as engaging in service to their community. We believe in educating the whole person and not each part separately. Thus, education and development of the Head, the Heart and the Hands is integrated throughout our curriculum and interactions with students, faculty and staff. This document articulates and affirms our core beliefs and values. We define beliefs as expressions of concepts that we consider to be true and self-evident and values as expressions of desirable behavior. 

Our Beliefs

We believe that:

  • A balanced education requires development of the Head, Heart and Hands. We believe that balance is important in both intellectual and personal growth. By educating the Head, Heart, and Hands, Berry College offers many unique experiences and opportunities, including service learning.
  • An understanding of liberal arts enriches business administration education. We believe that helping our students to develop an appreciation for the arts and humanities (Head, Heart, and Hands) enriches life, provides a basis for productive integration into contemporary Western culture, and an appreciation for other cultures.
  • Embracing diversity encourages interaction and manages differences among people. We believe exposure to and understanding of diversity enhances the educational process. Increasing the diversity of our student body, faculty and staff is important to fulfilling our mission (Head, Heart, Hands)
  • Learning is a lifelong process. We believe that learning never ends (Head, Heart, Hands), and that the purpose of both curricular and extra-curricular activities is to provide a foundation for continual learning.
  • Faculty governance is essential to continuous improvement. We believe that through active governance (Head, Hands), faculty become psychological owners (Heart) of the Campbell School of Business.
  • Student interaction is important throughout the learning process. We believe that student interaction (Head, Heart, Hands) is an essential element for an active learning experience.