Mission and Goals of the MBA

The program goal of the MBA program is to serve as a source for working professionals and managers in all types of organizations. The educational goals of the MBA program are to educate the head, heart, and hands of our students by enabling them to develop an understanding of and become proficient in the following:

  • Green HallAnalysis and problem solving  
  • Management of organizational resources  
  • Ethics and organizational citizenship  
  • Technology  
  • Written and oral communication  
  • Legal and regulatory environment  
  • Continuous improvement  
  • Global and political issues  
  • Leadership and accountability  
  • Demographic diversity  
  • Personal growth and lifelong learning
The MBA program aspires to be a contemporary, rigorous, innovative,  ethical, and practical source of graduate and continuing management  education for our stakeholders. Stakeholders include the businesses within north Georgia, Campbell School of Business faculty, Campbell School of Business MBA students, Campbell School of Business alumni and Berry College colleagues. Graduate education in business at Berry College serves its stakeholders by educating students' head, heart, and hands.