Campbell Spotlights

Melissa Clark lecturing

Melissa Clark, Assistant Professor of Marketing      

The marketing department has warmly welcomed new professor, Dr. Melissa Clark, to campus. Dr. Clark earned her MBA from Florida Gulf Coast University and then her Ph.D. from Florida State University and is now here at Berry College to teach Personal Selling, Marketing Research, and Marketing Strategy. Dr. Clark has a publication in the most recent edition of Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice which she co-authored with Bryan W. Hochstein and Leff Bonney entitled "Positive and Negative Social Reactions to Salesperson Deviance."

Dr. Clark's favorite things about Berry College in no particular order are: "Close parking, GORGEOUS campus, Deer and wildlife, the AWESOME students, my inspiring colleagues, the sense of learning and discovery on all corners of the campus, and the mission to be life ready.

Heather Henderson accepting an awardHeather Henderson, Berry Alumna ('03)

Heather Henderson is the recipient of the Outstanding Young Alumni Award in 2014 whom can be characterized as professional, passionate and persistent. Heather graduated from Berry College in 2003 with a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing and has since gone on to work in the Insurance and Risk Management industry here in Rome. Within her career, Mrs. Henderson finds a large amount of flexibility and freedom and therefore has the ability to coach volleyball and volunteer in the community with several non-profit organizations. Along with aiding in the Rome community, Mrs. Henderson continues to be an asset to the Berry community to this day as the Vice-President for the Young Alumni & Student Relations Committee. During her time at Berry, Heather Henderson was chosen as the Campbell School of Business Student of the Year and has since taken her talents outside of the Berry Bubble but has continued to epitomize the quotation outside of Green Hall, “Whether work or at play, do your best.”

Favorite thing about the Campbell School of Business?: “I always felt comfortable, confident, and encouraged when I walked through those doors!”

Spotlight MKalagyros Main

Manos Kalagyros, Assistant Professor of Management

Business and poetry. Two words that don’t seem to mix but one of Campbell School of Business’s newest professors seems to make time for not only writing poetry but also motorcycle adventure touring and sailing.  Dr. Manos Kalagyros is a professor originally from Athens, Greece who earned his Master’s in Business Administration at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and Ph.D. in Management at New Mexico State University. Dr. Kalagyros’s favorite thing about Berry is the class sizes along with the engagement, energy and enthusiasm held by students.  

Spotlight Main JGrossJessica Gross, Junior and CEO of Millennials Financials 

Jessica Gross is a junior double major in Finance and Management from Athens, Georgia. Ms. Gross holds quite the schedule as she is the executive treasurer for the Berry College Student Government Association and the creator/CEO of Millennial Financials. Along with that she participates in the Leadership Fellows, Budget Advisory Committee, golf team, and the Vikettes dance team. The summer of 2015, Jessica interned at Invesco, Ltd. for 11 weeks where she was the Institutional and Alternative Business Strategy Intern. Ms. Gross found her calling with the financial services industry and plans to continue to pursue it after graduating from Berry.

Out of the 26,000 acres, what is your favorite spot on campus? : “My favorite spot on campus is the outlook areas beside the House of Dreams. I love to exercise so I thoroughly enjoy hiking up to the House of Dreams and then spending time looking out over the many mountains and rolling hills that surround Mount Berry.” 

Spotlight CStricklandCarrie Strickland, Campbell Fellows Senior 

Carrie Strickland is a senior Marketing and Management major with a minor in Spanish from Cedartown, Georgia. Carries is a resident assistant involved in Sigma Delta Pi, Middle Eastern Dance Troupe, BAM, Swing & Ballroom, and the Cultural Events SGA Committee. Carrie has several family connections to Berry through her mom, brother and cousin. After graduation, Carrie plans to backpack through Europe with her best friends for two months.

Here is Carrie’s advice for future students: “Be open minded and take advantage of more opportunities, you never know what doors it may open for you! Just take time to appreciate college and all it has to offer.”

Spotlight ABridges MainAlan Bridges, Coca-Cola Retired Executive and Berry Alum (’79)

Alan Bridges spoke to several of the Campbell Fellows and other business students on November 3rd, 2015 about his 28-year long career working for Coca-Cola. Mr. Bridges worked 15+ jobs during his time with Coca-Cola and now works as the Chief Commercial Officer for his own Alan Bridges Consulting, Inc. In regards to the various career path choices made, Mr. Bridges stated: “You are the captain of this ship. You get to decide.”

Bridges is a self-proclaimed “aging urban hipster wannabe” who can be found enjoying indie music or fiction novels during his free time. Finally, when asked what he missed most about studying at Berry College, Bridges concluded it was two things: college friendships and the serene, inspirational atmosphere of campus.

After the lecture, the Campbell Fellows and guests had the chance to enjoy a plated luncheon and further converse with the very amiable Alan Bridges.

Lauren Heller, Assistant Professor of Economics 

    As an assistant professor of economics, Dr. Lauren Heller finds great interest in the application of quantitative techniques to a variety of topics in microeconomics. One of the coolest things about economics to Dr. Heller is that as a social science, it can be found everywhere that humans interact with one another, and so can be applied to all sorts of situations that one might not typically expect. Her research has recently focused on concerns as diverse as natural gas fracking, teen smoking, labor markets, income inequality, and voting policies. She also enjoys linking her research to her teaching, publishing articles about new classroom experiments that she has developed and involving students as coauthors in her research. In addition to working with students and faculty at Berry, Dr. Heller has coauthored with faculty at The University of the South, The College of Charleston, The University of Toledo, and the Food and Drug Administration. In the past year, her work has been accepted for publication in the Eastern Economic Journal, the Journal of Economics and Finance Education, the Journal of Developing Areas, the Journal of Public Finance and Public Choice, the Journal of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy, and Nicotine & Tobacco Research.