BCEMS History

1977 Established with a Lilly Foundation grant, first called the Early Learning Center, housed in the Westcott Building on Berry College’s Main Campus. Served grades K & 1. School originally structured to follow British Enfant school practices.
1978 Added 2nd grade.
1979 Added 3rd grade.
1980 Added 4th grade.
1986 Added 5th grade.
1987 Moved to Hamrick Hall on Berry College Mountain Campus (current location).
1988 Changed name to Berry Laboratory School.
1995 Changed name to Berry College Elementary School.
1998 Added 6th grade.
2000 Added 7th grade.
2001 Added 8th grade.
2001 The historic Barstow Library building was adopted by Berry College Elementary School. Middle grades (6-8) were housed in Barstow
2002 6th-8th grades were moved to the Cook Building, home of the Charter School of Education and Human Science on main campus for multi-age middle school classes
2002 Barstow used for BCES School Library.
2006 Changed name to Berry College Elementary & Middle School.
2007 Golden Oars Ceremony of the Head, Heart, and Hands begins.
2007 H3O (Head, Heart, & Hands Organization) School wide service learning becomes more formal part of curriculum.
2007 BCEMS 30th Anniversary is celebrated.
2007 Middle Grades (5-8) uses both Hamrick Hall and Cook Building. Fully departmentalized program for 7th & 8th grades.
2007 BCEMS hosts the first annual Berry Half Marathon & 5K, attracting dozens of sponsors and nearly 800 runners in its first year.