Research Handbook

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs Research Handbook is designed to assist Berry College faculty and staff members who are interested in seeking external support for research or other scholarly activities. 

The purpose of this handbook is to collect, in one reference, the current policies and procedures relating to research and other sponsored programs at Berry College. The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (RASP) staff is available to answer questions and help you in your project development.

Full Handbook

General Policies and Procedures

Proposal Development and Pre-Award Procedures

Post-Award Procedures

Internal Support for Research


One of the goals of the RASP office is to facilitate research and to foster a creative environment for all Berry College faculty and staff. It is our hope that this handbook will help us achieve this goal and that it will be of genuine assistance. We welcome your comments and suggestions for future updated versions of this handbook. Please forward your comments to:

Office of Research and Sponsored Programs 
Box 5006 
or at