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Professor of Bioanalytical Chemistry; Dean of The School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences
McAllister Hall 301

Dr. Alice H Suroviec is an Professor of Bioanalytical Chemistry and current Chair of the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry. She is an Associate Editor of the Journal of the Electrochemical Society. She specializes in physical electroanalytical and enzyme based biosensor research.

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Lecturer of Chemistry
McAllister Hall 322
Callaway Professor of Organic Chemistry
McAllister Hall 301

Dr. Gary Breton is the Callaway Professor of Chemistry at Berry College. Dr. Breton primarily teaches the Organic Chemistry for the Life Sciences sequence for non-chemistry/biochemistry majors, The Chemistry of Life course for pre-nursing students and Advanced Organic Chemistry. Dr. Breton has an active research group in which they study the synthesis of novel molecules that are of both theoretical and pharmaceutical interest.

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Visiting Assistant Professor, Chemistry
McAllister 304 A
Visiting Assistant Professor, Chemistry
MAC 322
Lecturer of Chemistry
MAC 323
Associate Professor of Inorganic Chemistry; Department Chair
McAllister Hall 303B
Assistant Professor of Biochemistry
MAC 326B
Lecturer of Chemistry
McAllister Hall 323
Associate Professor of Physical Chemistry
McAllister Hall 326A
Professor of Biology; Department Chair of Biology; Affiliate Professor of Biochemistry
McAllister Hall 364A
Associate Professor of Biochemistry
McAllister Hall 303A

Dr. Dominic Qualley is an Associate Professor of Biochemistry. His research interests are centered around the structure of viral proteins and the pathways by which viral particles are assembled.

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Associate Professor of Chemistry
McAllister Hall 305B

Dr. Mark Turlington is an Associate Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry. He is the Director of the Berry College Science Scholars Program and is the Goldwater Scholarship Campus Representative. He specializes in organic and medicinal chemistry teaching and research.

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