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Professor of Bioanalytical Chemistry; Dean of The School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences
McAllister Hall 301

Dr. Alice H Suroviec is an Professor of Bioanalytical Chemistry and current Chair of the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry. She is an Associate Editor of the Journal of the Electrochemical Society. She specializes in physical electroanalytical and enzyme based biosensor research.

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Assistant Professor of Animal Science
ANS 229

Dr. Amy Abrams is a Rumen Microbiologist with interests in the interactions of the rumen microbial communities and the development of the rumen microbiome as it relates to host animal health, performance, and management in various species.

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Laboratory Technologist and Lecturer, Physics
MAC 335B
Lecturer of Chemistry
McAllister Hall 322
Visiting Lecturer of Biology
McAllister 365B
Visiting Lecturer, Mathematics
MAC 352 B

David Bond is a Visiting Instructor at Berry College. He currently teaches Elementary Statistics and Pre-Calculus, as well as serving as the the ALEKS Mathematics Coordinator; he is also the Supervisor for Math Education Student Teachers.

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Associate Professor of Biology and Department Chair; Affiliate Faculty of Environmental Science and Studies
McAllister Hall 365A

Dr. Borer’s research emphasizes physiological plant ecology and plant conservation. Current projects include flowering dogwood’s influence in ecological Ca cycling, conservation of seaside alder, Georgia trillium, and native milkweeds, analysis of plant roots in caves, and plant mapping. Other projects examined invertebrates in Ca cycling, nutrient resorption during leaf senescence, red spruce decline, and cave ecology and conservation. Student participation is central in all projects. Dr. Borer mentors student assistants in Biology’s teaching greenhouse, and is faculty advisor for Society of Outdoor Life and Exploration and the Eco Club.

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Associate Professor of Animal Science
ANS 221

Dr. Dawn Bresnahan is a reproductive physiologist interested in the interactions between maternal body condition and reproduction and development of assisted reproductive technology in various species with application to endangered wildlife.

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Callaway Professor of Organic Chemistry
McAllister Hall 301

Dr. Gary Breton is the Callaway Professor of Chemistry at Berry College. Dr. Breton primarily teaches the Organic Chemistry for the Life Sciences sequence for non-chemistry/biochemistry majors, The Chemistry of Life course for pre-nursing students and Advanced Organic Chemistry. Dr. Breton has an active research group in which they study the synthesis of novel molecules that are of both theoretical and pharmaceutical interest.

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Visiting Assistant Professor, Chemistry
McAllister 304 A

Dr. Cipollini’s long-term research programs focus on Longleaf pine and American chestnut restoration. Much of his other research focused on plant-animal-microbe interactions mediated by secondary chemicals, and on sexual dimorphism and sex ratio variation in dioecious plants. He has directed research with well over 100 students on a broad range of lab, field, and study abroad projects. Students have also gained prescribed burn certification and have assisted as part of the longleaf pine project.

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Assistant Professor of Mathematics
MAC 353B

Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics Garner Cochran teaches courses in differential equations, linear algebra, mathematical modeling and calculus — with a focus on modeling real-world phenomena in the classroom.

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Henry Gund Professor of Biology
McAllister Hall 363A

Prof. Conn’s research program includes parasitic and other infectious diseases, insect disease vectors, and invertebrate invasive species that cause environmental problems around the world. His work in invertebrate zoology spans freshwater environments from the Everglades to the Great Lakes, and marine biology from the Caribbean to the Arctic. Students in his research program work on the Berry campus as well as more distant locations. With his students, he takes a One-Health approach, integrating biomedical, veterinary, and environmental perspectives.

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Assistant Professor of Biology
McAllister 382A

Dr. Conn researches antagonistic relationships that involve plants. Half of her work focuses on parasitic plants from the Orobanchaceae family and addresses questions about the genes that enable them to interact with hosts. Dr. Conn also studies the relationship between American chestnut trees and the fungal blight that has driven them to functional extinction.

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Lecturer of Chemistry
MAC 323
Assistant Professor, Environmental Science and Studies
MAC 355A

Dr. Ernst combines field and greenhouse work to measure plant traits that help her characterize ecological strategies. She has experience working in a number of different ecosystems from iconic tall grass prairies of the Midwest to lush woodland habitats around the Great Lakes to scenic wetlands in the Intermountain West. 

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Clinical Associate Professor of Animal Science; Pre-Vet Coordinator
ANS 220
Visiting Assistant Professor, Mathematics
MAC 336 A

Luke Fredericks is Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Berry College. He teaches Precalculus, Calculus, Abstract Algebra and Elementary Statistics.

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Assistant Professor, Mathematics
MAC 336B

Brittni Hall is Assistant Professor of Mathematics. She teaches courses in analysis and calculus. Her research is in math biology, with an emphasis on modeling population dynamics using ordinary differential equations.

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Associate Professor of Biology
McAllister Hall 382B

Dr. Hall’s interests are in infectious zoonotic diseases, epidemiology, disease ecology, and the One Health approach to population health. He works largely with the protozoan Trypanosoma cruzi (Chagas Disease) and its vectors in the southeastern United States. He has also researched the natural reservoirs for Toxoplasma gondii (toxoplasmosis) in aquatic environments. Dr. Hall serves as the Director of Berry’s One Health minor program, the first such program at the undergraduate level in the world.

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Associate Professor Mathematics and Computer Science; Affiliate Faculty of Technology, Entrepreneurship, Data Analytics; Department Chair
McAllister Hall 354B

Nadeem Abdul Hamid is Associate Professor of Computer Science at Berry College and Chair of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. Dr. Hamid has taught a wide selection of courses in the Computer Science curriculum. He has a research background in programming languages and formal methods, and has ongoing projects developing software tools for enhancing Computer Science education.

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Associate Professor of Inorganic Chemistry; Department Chair
McAllister Hall 303B
Assistant Professor of Biochemistry
MAC 326B
Associate Professor of Geology
McAllister Hall 327B
Visiting Lecturer
Animal Science Building, A227

Miranda Knight is a veterinarian serving in an instructional role and mentoring students interested in careers associated with animal science and veterinary medicine.

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Professor of Physics
McAllister Hall 338C
Assistant Professor of Physics
MAC 335 A

Dr. Zachary Lindsey is an Assistant Professor of Physics and currently teaches courses in physics and engineering, while leading students in experimental physics research. His research combines aspects of physics, chemistry, materials science, and engineering to investigate novel semiconductor growth methods and materials with various optoelectronic and energy conversion applications.

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Lecturer of Mathematics
McAllister Hall 352 A

Dr. Pam Marples, Lecturer in Mathematics, is interested in helping people learn the mathematics they need to achieve their goals. Dr. Marples has taught a wide variety of courses, has research background in combinatorics and graph theory.

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Associate Professor of Physical Chemistry
McAllister Hall 326A
Clinical Assistant Professor of Health Professions and Pre-Health Advisor
McAllister Hall 324
Assistant Professor, Physics
MAC 338 B
Professor of Biology; Affiliate Professor of Biochemistry
McAllister Hall 364A

Dr. Morgan’s research focuses on coral reefs. His research include physiology of starfish, corals and sea anemones responding to chemical pollution, and coral diseases. To date, more than 50 student researchers have worked in his lab acquiring important lab skills in molecular biology. Dr. Morgan also offers biology majors an opportunity to study coral reef ecology in Roatan, Honduras.

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Professor of Biology
McAllister Hall 366B

Dr. Mowry’s research focuses on animal ecology. He is the founder of the Atlanta Coyote Project, which studies coyotes as integral members of southeastern wildlife communities. Students are actively involved in wildlife-based research projects with Dr. Mowry on the Berry College campus, in metropolitan Atlanta, and along the coasts of Georgia and South Carolina. He teaches courses in zoology, ecology, and conservation biology.

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Visiting Assistant Professor, Mathematics
McAllister 353 A

Daniel Nash is a visiting assistant professor in Mathematics at Berry College. He teaches courses in the calculus sequence, applied calculus, and linear algebra. His research background is in geometric topology.

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Associate Professor of Animal Science; Department Chair
ANS 228
Associate Professor of Biology
McAllister 363B

Research in the Poole lab focuses on the symbiotic relationship between cnidarians, such as corals, sea anemones and jellyfish, and photosynthetic organism called dinoflagellates. Specifically, our work is aimed at understanding the molecular and cellular processes that regulate both the establishment and breakdown (bleaching) of cnidarian-dinoflagellate symbiosis. Berry students are involved in every aspect of the research projects in my lab from question generation to preparing manuscripts for publications.

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Assistant Professor, Chemistry
MAC 304 B
Associate Professor of Biochemistry
McAllister Hall 303A

Dr. Dominic Qualley is an Associate Professor of Biochemistry. His research interests are centered around the structure of viral proteins and the pathways by which viral particles are assembled.

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Associate Professor of Biology
MAC 362B

Dr. DeLacy Rhodes is a microbiologist with a concentration on microbial pathogenesis. Her research interests focus on disease-causing microbes, and her lab involves investigating the prevalence of different vector-borne bacterial and parasitic pathogens, along with biofilm formation by different species of streptococci important in animal health. Students who join the Rhodes lab are involved in all aspects of research, and she typically mentors 2-5 students in her research lab per year and has published three papers containing student coauthors.

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Visiting Assistant Professor, Biology
McAllister 362 A

Dr. Saylor’s research utilizes live fishes to answer eco-physiological questions linked with stress physiology, thermal ecology, bioengineering & biomimetics, traits-based (multivariate) analyses, and mathematical modeling of laboratory-derived data. Research projects are prioritized based on regional impact and global appeal. I work alongside students to generate ethically-sound, publication-worthy research, that can inform global fish conservation. I also encourage creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills to better prepare students for a career in biology.

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Assistant Professor, Biology
McAllister 366 A

Dr. Sykes’ research connects somatic health disparities and psychopathology using preclinical mouse models. He is interested in how factors such as obesity and inflammation intersect with memory, depression and anxiety. To date, Dr. Sykes has worked with many students, including those from underserved and minorized communities. Dr. Sykes has several collaborators from research universities across the country who are also seeking to provide opportunities for undergraduates to engage in research remotely.

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Cook Professor of Mathematics
McAllister Hall 337A

Dr. Ron Taylor is the Cook Professor of Mathematics and recipient of the 2018 MAA Haimo Award for Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics. He teaches courses at all levels of the math curriculum including calculus, proof structures and knot theory.

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Associate Professor and Department Chair, Environmental Science and Studies
McAllister Hall 355C

Dr. Zachary Taylor teaches a variety of environmental science courses and, along with his students, conducts interdisciplinary research that uses lake sediments to reconstruct past environments.

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Reid Professor of Physics and Astronomy ; Dual-degree Engineering Coordinator; Department Chair
McAllister Hall 338A

Dr. Todd Timberlake is a Professor of Physics and Astronomy. He teaches courses in computational physics, classical and quantum mechanics, and historical astronomy. He conducts research in computational quantum mechanics, the use of computers for teaching physics and astronomy, and the history of astronomy. He is the author of two books: Finding Our Place in the Solar System (from Cambridge University Press) and Classical Mechanics with Maxima (from Springer).

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Associate Professor of Chemistry
McAllister Hall 305B

Dr. Mark Turlington is an Associate Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry. He is the Director of the Berry College Science Scholars Program and is the Goldwater Scholarship Campus Representative. He specializes in organic and medicinal chemistry teaching and research.

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Professor of Animal Science
ANS 226

Dr. Judy Wilson has training and experience in equine exercise physiology with a primary interest in muscular responses to acute and chronic exercise. At Berry College, her research focus has been amino acid metabolism in horses of different ages and physiologic status.

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Assistant Professor, Computer Science
McAllister 354 A

Xiaomeng Ye is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science. He is teaching Discrete Structures and Designing Programs and plans on teaching a research skills in AI course.

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