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Students should consider working for Berry’s student newspaper, the Campus Carrier. The Carrier is a student-run weekly newspaper that addresses current issues affecting the Berry community. Participation with the Carrier is an excellent opportunity to hone writing, design, interviewing and photography skills.

Snow StormWorking with the Campus Carrier

Working with the student newspaper staff is certainly not the easiest job on campus, but it could quite possibly be the most enjoyable. The Carrier employs 15 to 20 paid staff members and another 10 to 20 unpaid staff members, with positions including writers, photographers, cartoonists, graphic artists, page designers and business managers. Work for the Carrier can be rewarded by Communication department scholarships, credit hours and student work pay. Most importantly, students are rewarded with priceless work experience to help build students' resumes and portfolios.

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The Work 

The Carrier staff is consistently working throughout the week, finding story ideas, interviewing sources and taking photos. The entire staff meets once a week to review the previous issue and discuss the content for the upcoming issue. It is also a time for the editorial staff to assign the the necessary photos and stories to the general staff. Tuesday and Wednesday evenings are computer design nights for the paper, where section editors put together the Carrier for printing and distribution.

We Want You

No, really!  It doesn’t matter if you’re a Communication major or not. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never had experience with newspapers before; we want new faces and new perspectives. Getting fresh input from new students is a wonderful way of keeping the Carrier interesting. 

There is no obligation. Try it out, write a story and if (after finishing that assignment) you decide that reporting isn’t your thing, that’s fine, try photography or design—you’re sure to find something that you love.

Being on the Carrier staff is more than just writing articles or taking photos. Working for the Carrier allows staffers to truly get involved with the events at Berry. In addition to building friendships with members of the Carrier, staffers will meet other Berry students and faculty for interviews and photo assignments, building a network of contacts. 

HalloweenThe Outcome

The Campus Carrier has earned numerous awards including first place in general excellence from the Georgia College Press Association 15 times since 1988. Carrier’s staffers have also claimed numerous individual awards from GCPA in writing and photography.

Your work on the Carrier can help you build a portfolio that will help you land a job in the professional world after you graduate.  Campus Carrier alumni have gone on to become…

  • National Desk Copy Editor for The Associated Press, New York City
  • Atlanta Journal-Constitution page designer and editor
  • Public relations professionals
  • Web designers
  • Reporters, photographers, copy editors and managing editors at publications/web sites nationwide

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