Firsthand Opportunities

Annual Government Conferences

 The Evans conference series and annual Government department conferences are a unique opportunity for students to present their work within a friendly academic environment – opening their papers up to debate and discussion from both peers and mentors. For those not presenting, these academic events are an excellent way to learn from other students, to hear from political leaders and leading thinkers, and to develop the art of questioning.

Further, the conferences themselves allow for the advancement of the liberal arts education – thoughtful reflection on questions of fundamental human importance from all avenues of academic inquiry. Several of the recent conferences have been planned, organized and run by students working in coordination with the department and with the Politics and Law Society.

The themes of and formats of the conference change from year to year, but most years embrace a theme of  democracy and its friendly critics in some variant or another. In addition to featuring student panels, most conferences include a breakfast roundtable that addresses an important question of teaching and its role in civil liberty, as well as Berry alumni panels and professor panels. Recent Berry alumni guests have included Dr. Sam Crowe, David Ramsey, Elizabeth Amato, Dr. Jocelyn Evans and Wendy Davis.

Internship Opportunities

Internships offer a challenge and enriching life experience for students. The Department of Government has successfully placed students in a wide range of internships. These include internships in state and local government, various interest groups, and political parties. Students have also had the opportunity to gain valuable work experience with District Attorneys and in other law offices.

The Government major provides a springboard for careers in politics, graduate study, law school, social work, psychology, business and education. Given the political nature of such careers, a solid understanding of politics is absolutely prerequisite for students entering such fields.

Berry College has partnered with The Washington Center to send Berry students to Washington D.C. to earn academic credit while working for a government agency or interest group. 

For more information, please visit: or contact Mike Bailey, Chair, Department of Government:

White House Intern Program - for information write to:

White House Intern Program
Old Executive Office Building Room 4
Washington, DC 20500
(202) 456-2742