Creative Writing

Creative Writing

The Creative Writing major deepens our current opportunities for students who are interested in learning through practicing the literary arts. Creative writing is one of the most rapidly growing and popular undergraduate majors nationally

The Creative Writing major fuses academic literary study and creative studio work with opportunities for service and experiential learning focusing on nature and culture, cultivating an awareness of how writing emerges from the intersection of self and place. Creative Writing majors will have opportunities to interact one-on-one with writers of national and international renown; this feature, in addition to the extensive campus landscape and special courses that combine an immersion in place, literature and creative writing, all serve to make Berry’s program distinctive.

A major in creative writing requires 39 semester hours for the major and participation in a senior reading. The department offers a 200-level course to introduce students to general principles of craft in creative writing. Courses at the 300 and 400 levels concentrate on reading, drafting and revision of creative work in a variety of genres in a workshop format.

 All Creative Writing majors are required to develop a portfolio of written work that represents significant successes in their career at Berry College. The writing portfolio is completed prior to the student’s graduation and must be reviewed and approved by the English faculty.      

Visiting writers

Each year, writers of national and international reputation come to campus for readings and to meet with writing students. Recent visiting writers have included a U.S. Poet Laureate, a National Book winner and a Pulitzer Prize winning poet to name a few.

Careers for Creative Writing Majors

While all Creative Writing majors graduate with a goal of seeing their poems or fiction or creative non-fiction published, the major is also a versatile major which students use to pursue different types of careers. Creative Writing majors go into publishing, library science, editing, public relations, advertising, teaching, among other careers. However, it remains true: writers write. Thus, as a Creative Writing major, you will continue to write regardless of the career you choose. You may combine that love of poetry or fiction with working in a non-profit organization or perhaps in a company which needs expertise in technical writing. You may become an insurance executive, like Wallace Stevens, or a physician like William Carlos Williams and still be known as one of the greatest American poets of the 20th century. The possibilities are limitless.

Our Majors and Faculty

Dr. Sandy Meek, Dana Professor of English, Rhetoric and Writing, coordinates Berry’s program in Creative Writing and is the author of five collections of poetry. Dr. Will Donnelly, a graduate of the world-renowned Iowa Writers’ Workshop at the University of Iowa as well as having a Ph.D. in Creative Writing from the University of Houston, teaches both fiction and creative non-fiction; his stories have appeared in Barrelhouse, Five Chapters and Fiction Southeast, among others. Notable Berry graduates include award-winning published author Jamie Poissant.