Dual-Degree Engineering


A path to two degrees.

How’s this for efficient? Earn two bachelor’s degrees in five years—getting a liberal arts foundation at Berry and engineering credentials from either Georgia Tech or Kennesaw State.

By starting at Berry, you’ll get small classes (20-30 students instead of hundreds at a large university), close mentorship from your professors, and the problem-solving and communication skills that will make you a sought-after engineer.

In the Lab

Join faculty in hands-on research that will set you apart in graduate school. We’ll get you into the lab early so that you can make the most of your three years at Berry.

Dual-Degree Engineering FACULTY

Dr. Todd Timberlake
Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Dr. Todd Timberlake

Dr. Todd Timberlake mentors and guides students through transferring to Georgia Tech or Kennesaw State. He also teaches courses on electronics and the mechanics of heat and sound and conducts research (which often involves students) on quantum chaos and strongly driven systems.

Professional Development

Earn a paycheck while logging relevant hands-on experience through Berry’s LifeWorks program—whether as a physics research assistant, a laboratory technician or a tutor for math and physics courses.

Dual-Degree Engineering Courses

EGR 101
Introduction to Engineering

Explore the engineering design process and build teamwork skills while building robots for competition.

PHY 321
Computational Methods of Physics

Develop technical writing and computational skills that are useful for a variety of fields—and complete an independent computational physics project.

PHY 350
Experimental Methods of Physics

Carry out and report on sophisticated experiments in modern physics, including quantum mechanics and relativity.

Dual-Degree Engineer LIVES

Kaitlyn Kosten

Kaitlyn Kosten is intent on soaring in her career — specifically as a mission specialist. But to get there, she is taking grounded, purposeful steps to reach her goal. “This is a very challenging and selective path, so I’m also interested in becoming an aerospace engineer for either NASA or a private space company like SpaceX or Virgin Galactic,” she says.

To reach the stars, so to speak, Kaitlyn enrolled in dual-degree engineering (DDE) at Berry. She works as a research assistant and holds an internship with The NASA Lucy Student Pipeline Accelerator and Competency Enabler (L'SPACE) Mission Concept Academy. She’s also working as a social media intern for SpaceVIP, a private organization providing resources for those seeking knowledge about space technology.

Kaitlyn Kosten

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