What is Finance?
Finance is the art and science of managing money. Berry’s finance curriculum focuses on concepts that include the time value of money, risk and return, asset evaluation, and understanding and interpreting financial statements and ratios.    

A general understanding of finance should include three basic areas of study: corporate finance, investments, and markets and institutions.
Corporate Finance covers the role of the financial manager, especially in capital budgeting, capital structure and financing decisions. Investments deals with the basics of portfolio management and the risks and returns associated with individual investments, such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Markets and Institutions focuses on money and financial markets, the economic environment in which businesses operate.

What Do You Do with a Finance Degree?
Berry’s Campbell School of Business graduates enjoy an in-field placement rate of approximately 93 percent! And the demand for finance professionals is increasing as the impact of financial decisions within organizations becomes more complex. Securities analyst, market researcher, financial planner, financial analyst and investment banker are examples of the careers open to the entry-level finance professional. The following are just a few of the positions held by Berry finance graduates:

  • Chief financial officer, Ent Federal Credit Union. 
  • Assistant vice president, Sun Trust Bank. 
  • Vice president-finance, ING Life Group. 
  • Financial supervisor, Equifax. 
  • Vice president-finance, US Broker Dealer Network. 
What Kind of Classes Will You Take?

Campbell School of Business students majoring in finance gain general business knowledge through courses in accounting, marketing, economics, information systems, and the social and legal environment of business. The finance concentration includes the following courses:

  • Financial Markets, Institutions and Money 
  • Intermediate Corporate Finance 
  • Fundamentals of Investments 
  • Cases in Financial Management. 
  • Security Analysis and Portfolio Management 
  • Futures and Options Markets 
  • International Finance 
Will You Learn from Real Professors?
Berry College is student-focused, with an emphasis on great teaching. Classes are instructed by full-time faculty members, not teaching assistants. The members of the finance faculty have diverse backgrounds, areas of expertise and research interests.

What About Student Organizations?
You can get hands-on experience and develop leadership skills through participation in student organizations. One that is particularly attractive to finance majors is the Berry Investment Group. Known as BIG, this group was formed when a generous benefactor donated $100,000 to allow Berry students to learn how to invest in the stock market using real funds. BIG is open to all Berry students and is just one of the many opportunities you will have to become involved in activities outside the classroom.