Berry College’s marketing program is one of five majors offered through the Campbell School of Business. It will help you prepare for career opportunities in business, government and nonprofit organizations or for graduate study.

Why Choose a Marketing Major at Berry?
As a Marketing major at Berry, you’ll learn about the details of marketing through courses that cover the principles of marketing, consumer behavior, marketing research and marketing strategy. Marketing majors can develop a focus for their advanced coursework by selecting from elective courses in marketing communication, international marketing, personal selling, brand management, qualitative research methods, experiential marketing and advanced marketing research.

Marketing majors develop the skills and knowledge necessary to research and identify target audiences, develop products and services, formulate pricing and distribution strategies, and develop advertising and promotional campaigns. The curriculum emphasizes firsthand experience through internships, class projects, development of marketing plans for clients and advanced research experiences.

How Will You Gain Firsthand Experience?
Internships help you connect academics with your career, and with Berry’s proximity to Atlanta, Birmingham and Chattanooga, opportunities for business-related internships abound. Berry Marketing majors have gained valuable work experience through internships in sports marketing, health care, financial services, manufacturing, communications and nonprofit industries.

Marketing majors often work closely with their professors as research assistants, and classes work on marketing projects on behalf of area businesses. Students also hear from guest speakers in the local business community.

In addition, Berry marketing students can take advantage of opportunities to study abroad in Holland, Switzerland, Ireland, Australia and Jamaica and to  attend professional conferences.

Do Graduates Get Jobs?
Berry Marketing graduates are working in diverse industries such as wilderness
and wildlife preservation, health care, entertainment, advertising, consulting, NASCAR and other sports and event marketing. Graduates also pursue advanced degrees in business or related fields.

Whatever their career path, Berry graduates are well known for their exemplary work ethic.

What's Great About the Berry Marketing Faculty?
You’ll be instructed by full-time faculty members, not teaching assistants. Your professors have diverse backgrounds and specialties that bring the world into your classroom. Areas of expertise include advertising, consumer research, international marketing, sales and sales management, public policy and marketing, marketing research, brand management, product symbolism and lifestyle marketing. Marketing faculty have been successful in generating external grants to support their research and are active business consultants working with major national and international corporations and nonprofit organizations.

What About Student Organizations?
Many students participate in the Berry College Marketing and Sales Club. The club provides students with practical training and counsel from in-house and external experts related to marketing and sales, personal presentation, and marketing and business strategy. The club has a strong focus on ethical business practices and strategic entrepreneurship. Students in the Marketing and Sales Club have the opportunity to compete in Sales Competitions. The club is the first American team to be invited to the European Sales Competition and is in the process of funding that mission.