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Political Science & International Studies

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Prepare to understand (and lead) a changing world.

Interested in a thorough and multi-faceted consideration of the world’s emerging challenges and conflicts?

Dive into small classes and get personal attention from an ideologically diverse group of respected scholars with a passion for teaching and mentorship. Learn by doing. Get involved with Model UN. Pursue an internship at The Washington Center. Attend an international research conference with your professor (think Quito, Ecuador or Marrakesh). 

Our majors have had outstanding success in graduate school programs and law schools. Because they leave here prepared. And ready.

Hands On

Conduct research with your professors. Intern with local government or law enforcement. Study abroad. Attend a Model United Nations conference. Get involved in student government.

Political Science FACULTY

Dr. Kirsten Taylor
Professor of Government & International Studies
Dr. Kirsten Taylor

As Berry’s faculty advisor to Model United Nations, Dr. Taylor mentors students to develop strong networking, leadership and diplomatic skills that transfer to a wide range of professional careers. She travels with Model UN students to participate in UN simulations in Atlanta and New York each year, and has even traveled to the Republic of Georgia to run a diplomatic simulation for college-age students in the Caucasus region. Dr. Taylor has co-authored several textbooks on international relations and American foreign policy and teaches a wide range of international politics courses. Her research interests include international security, global environmental politics, and international institutions and organizations.

Extended Classroom

Put classroom learning into real-world practice through work with local agencies and law offices. Play important leadership roles in the dozens of student-run industries, institutions and operations on campus. 

Political Science Courses

GOV 330
American Founding

Study the political origins and nature of America’s Founding period—with a focus on the writing of the American Constitution and the subsequent Federalist/Antifederalist debates.

GOV 325
Global Environmental Politics

Examine the political dimensions of trans-boundary environmental problems, with an emphasis on contending theoretical perspectives and national, regional and global political responses to environmental challenges.

GOV 465
War Crimes and Genocide

Explore the causes and meaning of war crimes and genocide—including The Law of War and specific atrocities and genocides—to achieve critical perspective of the most extreme forms of political violence.

Political Science LIVES

Jasmine Rangel

Political science major and Bonner Scholar Jasmine Rangel ’17 followed a passion for public policy to her current position as associate at the New Jersey Bonner AmeriCorps Program, where she manages a 55-member AmeriCorps grant that supports various nonprofits in New Jersey. Jasmine attributes her success to the public speaking, writing and critical-thinking skills gained from close work with her Berry advisors, professors and work supervisors. Her long-term dream is to become a city planner.

Alyssa Hollingsworth

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