Undecided about a college major? 

Undecided about a college major? Don’t worry. Berry’s balanced and integrated educational experience will encourage you to discover your strengths, your interests and your skills in our general education courses.

Many students who enter Berry are uncertain of their major, and many others change their major during their first two years. Freshmen enroll in general education courses each semester, courses chosen in communication, the behavioral and social sciences, physical education, mathematics and natural sciences, the humanities and the fine arts. Some of these courses serve as gateway courses for a major; all are opportunities to explore in greater depth and breadth new areas.

Through the college’s First-Year Seminar Course, all students explore their top strength areas, draft a mission statement to help them explore goals, and explore the curricular, work and extra-curricular opportunities available at the college to help them learn about and chart paths to achieve their goals. This exploration is a great way to discover a new major or passion and consider how the college might help you succeed in these paths.

The courses required for the bachelor’s degree at Berry College are designed to assist students in becoming literate, cultured and creative individuals who are also responsible citizens in a changing world and who are prepared for lifelong learning.

Exploration can take you beyond the classroom

Berry’s curriculum offers opportunities to explore cultures across the globe through international programs — and to discover new areas of science, humanities, social science, business, education and the arts through funded research opportunities.

Through the Work Experience Program, students find direction working in offices, labs and fields across the campus. Students who work in the cashier’s office, for example, may discover an aptitude for accounting; others who work in admissions may uncover a skill in public relations. Working in the Berry Information Technology Students program allows students to foster their interests in technology and management. Community service can help inspire students toward a major as well. Tutors can uncover a talent for teaching, while volunteering at a local senior-care center can encourage students to explore sociology or psychology as a major, or lead them to consider a career in medicine.

More than 70 campus organizations also offer opportunities for self-discovery. Running an effective campaign for student government can prompt students to explore government, communication, management or economics as a major. Performing in one of the choral or instrumental ensembles or theatre performance may lead you to major in music or theatre. You can test an interest in international relations by participating in Model U.N., or explore an aptitude for science by joining the Physics Club.

From Exploration to a Major

At Berry, you won’t explore alone. You will be with other students like you, discerning what area of study fits best. Berry’s Career Center offers support and guidance for any career-related questions you may have and a First-Year Experience Office with programs and advice to help you. In your corner will be a faculty advisor, and perhaps a work supervisor as well, with advice and encouragement. Ready to learn more about exploring — and discovery — at Berry?