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The purpose of STEMTeach is to recruit the most promising Berry STEM-savvy students toward the teaching profession, to support them through programming and mentorship opportunities, and to retain them in our education program while providing them with experiences that will make them exceptional candidates to school districts post graduation.

Certification Concentrations


Dual major in Biology and Secondary Education
Contact: Dr. Caitlin ConnLearn More


Dual major in Physics and Secondary Education
Contact: Dr. Todd TimberlakeLearn More


Major in Middle Grades Education or dual major in Secondary Education and another discipline
Contact: Dr. Mary Clement Learn More

Creative Technologies

Dual major in Creative Technologies and Secondary Education
Contact: Dr. Zane Cochran

Learn More

Chemistry / Biochemistry

Dual major in Chemistry or Biochemistry and Secondary Education
Contact: Dr. Belinda LadyLearn More


Dual major in Mathematics and Secondary Education
Contact: Dr. Jill CochranLearn More

Environmental Science

Dual major in Environmental Science and Secondary Education
Contact: Dr. Zachary Taylor

Learn More

STEMTeach Coordinator


Joan Blackwelder
STEMTeach Coordinator
McAllister Hall 219

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