Student Feeding Cow

Firsthand Opportunities

Student Work Opportunities - Visit Berry College Student Work Education Program website 

Berry College's Work Experience Program is like no other in the country. Full-time students, regardless of family income, are guaranteed on-campus jobs during fall and spring semesters. Most students choose to take advantage of this unique opportunity; more than 95 percent work at some time during their four years with more than 85 percent working during any given year. There are more than 100 job classifications at Berry College. Some of the more popular positions among animal science majors include working in areas directly related to the major. 

Livestock Centers 

The livestock centers offer additional hands-on experience by employing students to work at the facilities. Students are involved in all aspects of the daily operation. Typical responsibilities include, but are not limited to, daily feeding and care of the animals, routine veterinary care and management, breeding (estrus detection and artificial insemination), assisting with parturition as well as maintenance of the facility and equipment. Opportunities are available at the following livestock centers:

Gunby Equine Center

Rollins Ruminant Research Center 

The Rollins Ruminant Center is named in honor of the late O. Wayne Rollins, a prominent Atlanta businessman, successful beef cattle producer and supporter of Berry College.  The complex is the home of the beef, dairy, and sheep units.

Research Assistants - Visit the Berry College Animal Science Faculty WebsiteANS Research

The new 4,600-square-foot Animal Science Laboratory at Rollins provides hands-on research opportunities for students and faculty. Virtually all faculty at Berry College are actively involved in research. Select students have the opportunity to be involved as research assistants. Faculty research includes work with all the livestock species, small domestic animals as well as wildlife. In addition to gaining valuable experience, students often present their work at national and international conferences in addition to the annual Berry College Symposium on Student Scholarship. You can explore some of the research interests of faculty member by viewing examples of publications from their individual faculty web pages.


Study Abroad - Visit the Berry College International Programs website  

The opportunity to spend a semester or summer in another country is available to all Berry students. While there are many institutions to consider for your study abroad adventure, many animal science students choose among those colleges and universities with animal science programs. Your academic advisor can help you determine what institution may be best for you

Internships - Visit the Berry College Career Center website

There are many opportunities for students to gain valuable experience working outside of Berry College. Many options are available through the Career Center. Your academic advisor can also be a great asset in helping to identify possible internships based on your interests.     

Student-Operated Enterprises  -  Visit Berry College Student Enterprise website

Operated Enterprises represent an exciting component of Berry’s premier student work experience program involving the development and ongoing operation of campus enterprises by student teams with a staff or faculty mentor/co-manager. These student-managed enterprises include businesses distinct to Berry; however students are also creating new enterprises based on their own areas of interest. Currently, fifteen enterprises are up and running. Student-Operated Enterprises associated directly with the livestock units or agriculture include: