Michael Grigalunas, 12C, examines a flask in a laboratory hood. He is now in graduate school in chemistry.

Careers in Chemistry and Biochemistry

Where do Chemistry and Biochemistry majors go after leaving Berry College?

Chemistry and Biochemistry majors have many options after graduation. Some of our majors take industrial research or sales jobs in such fields as pharmaceuticals, polymers, materials and cryogenics. Some decide to teach at the elementary or secondary school level. Some enter medical, pharmacy or dental school. Finally, some of our majors pursue advanced graduate studies at major universities to obtain their master’s or doctoral degrees. Berry chemistry alumni have attended top-tier graduate schools, including the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the University of Texas at Austin, Washington University in St. Louis, the University of Virginia, the University of Florida, Vanderbilt University, Emory University and the Georgia Institute of Technology. 

Can Chemistry or Biochemistry help me obtain a position in the health fields?

The Chemistry and Biochemistry majors offer an excellent preparation for students pursuing studies in medical, pharmacy or dental school. These schools all require entrance exams (MCAT, PCAT and DAT, respectively) that test for in-depth knowledge of chemistry and chemical principles. Students with either a Chemistry or Biochemistry degrees have successfully entered medical, dental, and pharmacy school, with the Biochemistry major being the more popular choice. The Biochemistry major contains the biology, chemistry, biochemistry, mathematics and physics content necessary for obtaining a superior grade on the entrance exams. Importantly, our program prepares students for a lifetime of learning, which is essential to keep up with the continual advances in the medical field.