Our unique approach to education, which includes 8 semesters of paid professional development, ensures your success here and after Berry. Yes, private schools do require an investment, but when you consider the quality of education and mentorship on campus and the outcomes post-graduation, we think Berry is worth that investment.

74% of Students with job offers on graduation day

99% with meaningful employment/enrollment in graduate school 6 months after graduation

91% of Berry graduates satisfied with their next step at graduation

80% of May graduates completed a significant research or internship experience

98% of pre-med students accepted to medical school

79% of pre-vet students accepted to Veterinary school

96% of pre-law students accepted to law school

Comparing Berry to State Institutions

Data gathered by the U.S. Department of Education show that only 35% of students who enroll at a public 4-year institution graduate in four years. For comparison, of Berry’s 2015 entering class, 65% graduated in four years or less.

We know that college is an important investment and like you and your family, we are concerned about affordability. At Berry all families are considered for academic merit and need-based assistance, and 91% of our entering Georgia students qualified for the Georgia Hope or Zell Miller Scholarship. While each family’s situation is unique our Net Price Calculator will give you an approximation of the aid you might receive, and our Scholarships & Aid Website provides actual financial aid packages for a sample of incoming students. As comparison, the table below provides selected total costs for full time tuition, fees, room and board at a sample of state institutions along with estimated HOPE scholarship amounts for qualified Georgia residents.

  University of Georgia Kennesaw State University Georgia College and State University University of North Georgia Georgia State
Tuition  $9,790.00  $4,450.00  $7,508.00  $5,596.00  $8,948.00
Fees  $2,290.00  $2,006.00  $2,022.00  $1,876.00  $2,128.00
Room+Board  $10,314.00  $12,947.00  $11,306.00  $11,140.00  $14,392.00
Total Cost  $22,394.00  $19,403.00  $20,836.00  $18,612.00  $25,468.00
Hope Scholarship  $7,680.00  $5,010.00  $6,870.00  $5,010.00  $7,680.00
Net Cost After Hope Scholarship  $14,714.00  $14,393.00  $13,966.00  $13,602.00  $17,788.00

While it is important to consider costs, don’t forget about the importance of value.

The University of Georgia Schools have compiled statistics on first year retention, four-year graduation rate, the percent entering with HOPE Scholarships, and student loan indebtedness at graduation.  Statistics for individual schools may be found on the University System of Georgia Student Outcomes website and the USG by the Numbers website. We have included below an apples-to-apples comparison of Berry versus select Georgia schools. For all comparisons only full-time four-year bachelor’s degree seeking students are included. We also encourage you to consider that HOPE Scholarship will only cover up to four years at a state institution, so those needing a fifth or sixth year to graduate pay the full cost for those years.

  Berry College University of Georgia Kennesaw State University Georgia College and State University University of North Georgia Georgia State
% GA entering students with HOPE Scholarship 91% 96% 75% 91% 65% 54%
% of Entering Students Returning for Second year 85% 95% 79% 85% 79% 84%
% Graduating in Four years or less 65% 64% 14% 48% 32% 27%
% of Graduates with debt 66% 47% 66% 53% 58% 70%
Average student loan debt  $26,858.00  $23,939.00  $26,649.00  $25,525.00  $24,659.00  $26,646.00
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