Actor, football, tech-man

Alec LeeseburgAlec Leeseberg 17c

major: Creative Technologies

Hometown: augusta, Georgia

I was actually recruited by a number of schools to play football. I was drawn to Berry because I saw an opportunity to help build a program from the ground up. During my college search I applied to around 20 schools and visited most of them, but I didn’t have the same connection with any of them that I had with Berry. Berry was more personal in their search, and made me feel more at home. 

The summer before my junior year, I worked in the Creative Technologies Lab as a Lab assistant to Zane Cochran. Zane is a great and interesting person, and one of the smartest people that I know. His vision for the Creative Technologies program is nothing short of groundbreaking, and I know that Berry is lucky to have his time. Zane’s passion for technology and prototyping has truly ignited my own passion for the subject, and he remains a great friend of mine.

Alec Leesburg 4

Berry has prepared me more for life after college than I think any other school could. Berry has been great because going here has allowed me to be involved in many different things at once. Being on the football team has taught me about the importance of responsibility, toughness, and hard work. Theatre has allowed me to further explore my creative side, and has been an amazing outlet for me to express myself artistically. Finally, the Creative Technologies program has helped me find my passion, and prepared me for the job market in my field like no other school could. I plan to apply for the Human Computer Interaction Master's program at Georgia Tech. As a career, I’d love to design new electronics, or work in technological research.

Here at Berry I am self-employed. The fall semester of my junior year I started a company, HoloView, for my entrepreneurship class. During the class I sold small, semi-holographic pyramids that produce a hologram effect on smartphones. The next semester I decided to shift the focus of the company to research, and I’m currently developing a large interactive semi-holographic display. HoloView has taught me all of the basics of how to manage a business, and has challenged me to consistently produce new prototypes and research.  

Because I’m heavily involved in so many different activities at Berry, at any given point in the day I may be anywhere around campus. I spend a lot of time in the new Creative Technologies lab. I also like walking the Viking Trail with friends when I need help brainstorming new ideas.

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