Why Berry?

You will develop personally and professionally here

Your HANDS do the work of your HEAD guided by the wisdom of your HEART.

A Berry education sharpens your intellect by putting it in motion. You LEARN and you DO in the context of a community of mentors and friends who oversee the grand emergence of an even better version of yourself. 

The Campus

Enjoy the benefits of an 11-1 acre-to-student ratio: We have the world’s largest campus (no other college comes close) that is home to a museum, two lab schools, a working dairy farm, a lake and river system, soul-expanding vistas, and … now we will stop before you accuse us of immodesty J. Enjoy life in a place where space is absolutely NOT a premium. 

27000 acre campus
131000 sqft Cage Athletic Center
100 miles of trails
  • 1 mountain to climb (literally)
  • Campus water supply provided by our very own reservoir
  • 3 lab schools
  • 1:1 deer to student ratio

Our Students

You will be forever changed (that’s pretty much the definition of education). We attract students from many different backgrounds. We set a tone of openness and respect. You’ll volley ideas with people who are kind, interesting, and interested. You’ll strengthen core values while expanding your worldview.

Not a day will pass without encountering someone new. 

2085 Undergraduate students
35 states
13 countries from which our students currently hail
  • 68 Recognized Student Organizations
  • 21 Performing Arts Groups 
  • 16 Intramural Sports


You will have a mentor (yes, this is also true at other colleges).

But you might have seven mentors (it’s just the way the Berry community works). A student to guide you when you arrive. A professor to help you plan your Berry career. Another professor to shape your professional chops. A coach to help you develop skills that lead to success on the field – and also in your life beyond. Advisors to develop your off the wall idea. Bottom line: here, you can challenge yourself with the confidence of knowing that many someones have your back. You’re never alone here unless you choose to be. Speaking of which, 70% of graduating seniors reported having at least three significant mentors at Berry.

In classrooms that are small enough for professors to know you and large enough for you to hear from alternative viewpoints, you can’t help but make connections. For many students, tackling world-changing problems alongside practicing research faculty is a paid job. For others, it’s an independent venture. Regardless, you’ll benefit from faculty who were recently ranked among the top 10% in the country for student engagement. And then, you’ll pay that forward by mentoring underclassmen in your chosen field.  

12:1 faculty to student ratio
  • 11:1 student to faculty ratio with average class size of 18
  • Published 96 scholarly articles and 13 books or book chapters
  • Made 247 presentations at national and international scholarly conferences
  • Student-faculty interaction at Berry ranked in top 10% nationally by seniors completing National Survey of Student Engagement

Academic Programs

Learning can run through you like water through a sieve. Or it can stick to your insides, there when you need it, which is always.

Our commitment: we make sure that your studies, experiences, and personal growth will be thoughtfully related and deepened through reflection. This gives them context and makes them last.

The result: graduates equipped for a life that emerges from your interests and aligns with your values – an engaged human person, ready to contribute to the world beyond the mountain.

At every step, we have a plan to help you get the most out of your Berry experience. You’ll have a major. You’ll have plenty of choices. With 45 majors and 35 minors, 2 dual-degree programs, and 6 pre-professional programs, you should be able to put together an experience that cultivates your intellectual curiosity and prepares you for life after college. 

  • 55 Majors and 35 Minors (45 undergraduate majors and 10 graduate majors)
  • 2 Dual-Degree Programs
  • 6 Pre-Professional Options
  • 55 Countries for studying abroad
  • Lab Schools available for education majors

Financial Aid

Berry was founded to serve students who couldn’t afford other schools. It has remained our enduring mission to make this one-of-a-kind education available to students from all financial backgrounds. It may surprise you to hear it, but for students seeking significant financial support, Berry can be as affordable as a large state institution you might be considering. When weighing cost, consider value. 



$30+ million in aid awarded
  • More than $36.7 million in institutional aid awarded annually
  • Merit Scholarship Range: $7,000-$21,000
  • Need Based Grant Range: $3,000-$10,000
  • 99% of undergraduates receive financial aid

Visit the Financial Aid site

Work Experience

Working at Berry is a robust, hands-on professional development sequence. Here, you have a job every single semester (the equivalent of eight consecutive paid internships) – building responsibility and becoming increasingly capable. By the time you graduate, you could be running a department and supervising a staff of 20. This goes over well in a job interview and certainly helps a lot with succeeding at life.

300 jobs available on campus
  • The average Berry student logs 1200 hours of paid professional experience by graduation
  • Some students log as many as 4500 hours of paid work
  • All of our 180 departments employ students
  • $6 Million spent annual in student payroll  *There are easier (and cheaper) ways to run a college, but none that would be as good for your resume.

Visit the Premier Work Experience Program site


Glory is built on doggedness, and the Berry Vikings are relentlessly pursuing victory. You will prepare purposefully so that you arrive confidently. You will compete fiercely and then will win with humility. Yes, we are getting used to winning at Berry. And when we win, we extend our hands to our competitors and lift them up, encouraging them as they head to the next game. Whether you’re interested in competing or excited about cheering on your friends, you will contribute to Viking successes because We ALL Row together. 

21 competitive sports
  • Founding member of the Southern Athletic Association, Division III of the NCAA
    • Members include Birmingham-Southern College, Centre College, Hendrix College, Oglethorpe University, Millsaps College, Sewanee: The University of the South and Rhodes College
    • Affiliate members include The University of Chicago and Washington University in St. Louis
  • 21 competitive sports including football, basketball, soccer, tennis, cross country, outdoor track, lacrosse, swimming and diving, golf, baseball, volleyball, softball and equestrian

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  • Accredited by: Southern Association of Colleges, Schools Commission on Colleges, National Association of Schools of Music, Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business
  • Admission to the Annapolis Group, an organization of top-tier national liberal arts colleges
  • Coverage by CNN, National Geographic, ABC World News, USA Today, New York Times, National Public Radio, Associated Press, The Chronicle of Higher Education and Slate Magazine
  • Recognition for sustainability efforts from the Princeton Review
  • Named a Tree Campus by the Arbor Day Foundation