What is LifeReady?


Berry has never been just a school, but a beacon of opportunity, and the launch of the new LifeReady Campaign reinforces that vision. 

LifeReady: The Berry College Campaign for Opportunity is a $100 million fundraising initiative that will enhance the college’s ability to produce graduates who are ready, willing and able to improve their homes, workplaces and communities. Launched publicly in May after several years of “silent” fundraising progress, the campaign has already exceeded $75 million in gifts and pledges to scholarships and other strategic projects. Students, faculty and staff had the opportunity to learn more about its current and future impact during a recent series of informational presentations.

“It is great to know that Berry cares about equipping students for a life of success and service after graduation,” said sophomore Bethany Blount, who chose Berry because of its emphasis on student work and service and the opportunities that are offered to students.

The LifeReady Campaign will make possible major facilities enhancements for Berry’s growing animal science program and much-needed renovations for the college’s primary performing arts venues, Ford Auditorium and Blackstone Hall. Other projects include a campus welcome center (currently under construction); the Valhalla stadium for football, lacrosse, and track and field; and the recently completed renovation of Roy Richards Memorial Gymnasium.

Learning experiences will be enriched through centers focused on integrity in leadership and entrepreneurship, while work experiences will be enhanced through gifts supporting Berry Student Enterprises and other high-level student work positions. New mentoring programs will help students maximize the opportunities afforded by their Berry experience.

Early successes include the complete funding of the Gate of Opportunity Scholarship Program, which increases access for students who dream of obtaining the life-changing educational experience that Berry provides.

Junior Allie Thornton is very excited about the emphasis on leadership mentoring. 

“Since I have never been in a position where I am completely independent, it is helpful to have a place like Berry that has mentoring programs that will help me figure out those essential life skills,” Thornton said. 

Learn more at www.berry.edu/lifeready.

Written by Student Public Relations Assistant Elizabeth Bradford and photos by student photographers Lauren Neumann and Sara Leimbach.