Fantastick Performances

As part of the historical 100th Mountain Day celebration, students and alumni were treated to the Berry College Theatre Company’s performance of the world’s longest running musical “The Fantasticks.” 

Directed by visiting artist Carey Smith, “The Fantasticks” is a touching coming-of-age story about love, relationships, and growing up. Two neighboring fathers trick their children, Matt and Luisa, into falling in love, by pretending to feud. It is a musical tale of a Matt’s false heroic journey to try and save Luisa. 

The E. H. Young Theatre welcomed packed houses of more than 1,000. Returning sophomores Connor Wright and Morgan Andrews gave dazzling performances as the leads, Matt and Louisa. Newcomer freshman, Ethan Hart, gave a stunning first performance in his role as the Spanish pirate and magician, El Gallo.

This was the first performance of the year. The theatre company allows for more than just acting, students also have the opportunity to design costumes, work on stagecraft, lighting, music, and more. This experience allows for theatre majors and those who have a love for the arts to experience it all first hand.


Written by Student Public Relations Assistant Shannon Cordon and photos by Student Public Relations Photographer Lauren Neumann.