Classics Revisited

The Berry College Dance Troupe and the Berry College Theatre Company both revisited classics in recent performances. 

The dance troupe performed  “Wildest Dreams” to celebrate their 20thanniversary. The concert included appearances by troupe alumni alongside students to take the audience on a journey through various dances such as ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, modern, hip-hop and ballroom. 

“They were amazing,” said Tyler Hooper, a sophomore theatre major from Gainesville, Ga. “I thought it was really interesting to see how they used dance to tell stories that were more dramatic.” 

Also in April, the Berry College Theatre Company performed Shakespeare’s “The Tempest,” which is considered one of his most lyrical plays. Prospera, played by senior Stephanie Schwartz, summons a storm in order to punish her enemies, bring happiness to her daughter and come to terms with the human use of supernatural power. In the original Shakespeare play, Prospera is a male character and the story only has one female character. Berry ‘s production featured a cast of 12 females and two men. 

"This is lovely in that the good and the harm is all by women," said Director Anna Filippo. “I think it's just as powerful and poignant and probably works as well for our audiences as it did with males in the 17th century.” 

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