Berry Abroad


This summer, 130 Berry College students traveled to 18 countries, some for class credit and others for internships. From Ireland to Costa Rica, students immersed themselves in cultures and experiences unlike anything else while also learning basic life skills and history. 

Junior psychology major Lauren Higdon is pursuing a minor in German. She spent a little over five weeks in Germany this summer taking courses such as “Psychology of Adulthood” and “Aging in Berlin.” 

“One of my most meaningful experiences was visiting Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp,” Higdon said. “It was an intense, emotional experience, not an easy one, but I wish everyone could do it in order to learn a bit about history, psychology and humanity.”

Junior Karla Manzanares is a double major in political science and Spanish who took her summer abroad in Seoul, South Korea as part of the Bahrom International Program. The program is a four-week intensive study in South Korea that studies Korean politics, international relations, history, culture and society. Sunny Park, Berry College Trustee Emeritus, generously funds this opportunity for two Berry students every year. 

“A visit to the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) between North Korea and South is a political scientist's dream come true,” Manzanares said. “To see the world's most troubling and mysterious country with the naked eye is an experience that I will never forget.”

While some students gained class credit, others gained experience in their chosen careers. Senior Joshua Cutter participated in an internship in Shanghai, China working for a startup company that makes air filtration units and sells office furniture and floor plan designs. Cutter primarily worked with the furniture sales and layout side of the company.  

“Interning in China has given me the opportunity to learn about and adapt to a very different culture from my own,” Cutter said. “I believe my time here will prove invaluable to me in my future career, as it has prepared to work with those from vastly different backgrounds and has opened my eyes to the entrepreneurial potential that can be found outside of the US.”

Berry students also visited Cuba for the first time with biology professors Martin Cipollini and Chris Hall. The group experienced the natural, political and cultural world of the island studying the medical systems and environment for the courses “Tropical Ecology of Cuba”, “Tropical Biomedicine” and “Public Health in Cuba.”

Written by Public Relations Student Assistant Alexi Bell.