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December 8, 2020

International attention for One Health program

Henry Gund Professor of Biology David Bruce Conn recently gave a talk on the Global One Health Initiative Webinar on “Parasitology and Vector-borne Diseases”. The webinar is produced by The Ohio State University, supported by the NIH Fogarty International Center, and is streamed monthly to hundreds of scientists, health professionals, and policy makers around the world.

Dr. Conn was also recently appointed to the editorial boards of two international scientific journals. These include the role of review editor for Frontiers in Veterinary Science (Lausanne, Switzerland), and editor for a special issue on "Waterborne Zoonotic Pathogens" for the journal, Microorganisms (Basel, Switzerland). Both positions are related to his work in the One Health Center. He also serves on the editorial boards of five additional international journals, including his appointment as editor of a special issue on "Climate Change and One Health" for the Elsevier journal One Health (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

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