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May 29, 2019

Berry Professor Studies Colonial Era of Belgium

ROME, Ga.- A Berry College professor has published a new book about the effects of the colonial era on Belgium.

Professor of History Matthew G. Stanard provides a thorough examination of the long-term impact of overseas imperialism on Belgium in his latest book, “The Leopard, the Lion, and the Cock.” In an interview with Leuven University Press, Stanard highlighted the key factors that influenced him while writing the book, and he also urged us to looking deeper into our respective histories.

“ ‘The Leopard, the Lion, and the Cock’ unveils the lasting cultural effects that the colonial experience had on Belgium in the years and decades after 1960, which was the year the Belgian Congo achieved independence,” Stanard said.

Not only does his book examine colonial influences on Belgian theater, literature, and migration into the 21st century, it includes dozens of color photographs of colonialist monuments.

“Over the past two decades, I visited Belgium numerous times, and over the course of my stays, I ended up taking hundreds of photographs of colonial monuments in the country,” Stanard said. “I hope readers would remember the value of studying history; both its intrinsic value, and the importance of learning history in order to better understand the past and the present.” 

Stanard brings his research into the classroom at Berry College, where he regularly offers courses on modern European history, Africa since 1800, world history, as well as a course on imperialism, colonialism, and nationalism. His earlier books include “Selling the Congo” and “European Overseas Imperialism, 1879-1999: A Short History.” His latest book can be ordered online at the Leuven University Press website and on


Public Relations Student Assistant Faythe Choate

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