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September 25, 2019

Upcoming Artist Talk on Sept. 30

Artists Wendy DesChene and Jeff Schmuki will discuss PlantBot Genetic artwork at 5 p.m.  Sept. 30 in the Moon Gallery.

DesChene and Schmuki’s work provokes investigations into current agricultural practices, inspiring others to think more critically about farming, economic level, education and art. Their talk, “PlantBot Genetics,” will feature an interactive display asking viewers to consider the food they eat and how it gets to their plates.

DesChene and Schmuki are the farmers at a leading Biotech Research Laboratory, where they work to manipulate current food productions. PlantBot investigations find that the worlds food supply could be in danger with generations of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) inserted into crops. The artists claim that the project could usher in the next phase in food production through robot-plants.

“Art has the potential to alter perception, foster dialogue, and inspire social change,” DesChene said. “Realizing our work is directly linked to the community, rigorous yet poetic projects are designed to include local citizenry.”

PlantBot Genetics has been featured at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, The Pulitzer Foundation for Art in St. Louis, the Goethe Institute of Cairo, Egypt, and the Bach Modern in Austria.

For more information please visit the Moon Gallery Facebook page or contact Associate Professor of Art Brad Adams at
This event is free and open to the public.


Written by Public Relations Students Faythe Choate and Jacquelyn Pierce

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