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September 30, 2021

Berry Works to Launch New Asian American/Pacific Islander Student Group

A new student group dedicated to providing a voice to Asian American and Pacific Islander students is organizing at Berry.

The Asian American-Pacific Islander Student Group (AAPI) will meet for the first time in October to gauge interest in organizing and to begin the conversation about AAPI representation at Berry.

People of Asian descent and heritage, Asian American students, Pacific Islanders and anyone interested in engaging in activities and dialogue to better understand the different intersecting identities at Berry is welcome to come.

In the wake of Atlanta’s “spa killings” on March 16 and anti-Asian hate crimes throughout the country, a group of students determined to pursue establishing a group at Berry that could facilitate discussion and raise awareness about AAPI concerns and experiences.

“We plan on having a balanced mix of both social and advocacy events to better reach out to our community,” said Sage Martin, a sophomore biology major, who is leading the effort to start the group. “We want to raise awareness and educate, sure, but we also want to have fun and be really welcoming.”

If enough students express interest and AAPI is able to organize, the group will also endeavor to offer support for those of Asian descent, including and especially international exchange students and to engage those interested in participating in the association’s activities.

Sponsoring the group to help it get started is the Department of Communication.

“I’m excited about the connections our Asian and Asian American students and friends will be able to make and about the opportunity to deepen understanding that engages us all in dismantling systems and attitudes of hate and oppression,” said Brian Carroll, Communication chair and the AAPI faculty advisor.


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