2021 Graduates (A-B)

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Cameron Acton
Major: Creative Technologies
From: Helena, AL

Phillip-Alexander.jpgPhillip Alexander
Major: Chemistry
From: Sugar Hill, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Alice Suroviec and Dr. John Brock
What’s Next: Graduate school at The University of Tennessee to study chemistry

Benjamin-Alee.jpgBenjamin Allee
Major: Communication
Minor: Art
From: Dacula, GA
Mentors Include: Matt Delzer, Hope Willoughby, Dr. Brian Carroll, Dr. Coleman Fannin, Mr. Dennis Ritter and Dr. Todd Timberlake
Favorite Berry Memory: My favorite Berry memory is split across many evenings and many states, and was shared with many people: that of my time on the Berry College Forensics Union. As part of this speech and debate team, I competed with the finest Vikings I know in often-grueling competitions that helped us grow as individuals and as a community. The van rides, speeches and relationships that I shared with this team define my Berry experience.
What’s Next: Working as a digital content specialist and hoping to attend graduate school in communication

Kelsey-Allred.jpgKelsey Allred
Major: Political Science
From: Rome, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Eric Sands
Favorite Berry Memory: Marthapalooza!
What’s Next: Heading to Samford’s Cumberland School of Law in the fall

Kelly-Alters.jpgKelly Alters
Major: Nursing
From: Cartersville, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Rebecca Logan and Laura Phillips
Favorite Berry Memory: My favorite memories definitely come from the days that I spent outside on Berry's beautiful campus, whether my friends and I walked around campus, sat outside and did homework, or played pickleball. Those were always the best days.
What’s Next: Registered nurse at Piedmont Healthcare Atlanta

Roger Amaya
Major: Accounting
From: Rome, GA

Anna-Anderson.jpgAnna Hartley Anderson
Major: Exercise Science
Minor: Psychology
From: Winston-Salem, NC
Mentors Include: Michael McElveen and Aly Slade
Favorite Berry Memory: One of my favorite Berry memories is playing body body in the cottages. I loved living in the cottage and being able to host big groups to come play on the weekends. Playing body body was always full of laughter and surprise!
What’s Next: Applying to PA school this spring and will be a fellow in the Fellows Program in Orlando, Florida, this next year

Kristian-Anderson.jpgKristian Anderson
Major: Creative Technologies
Minor: Environmental Science, Economics
From: Calhoun, GA
Mentors Include: Zane Cochran, Chris Whitmire, Andrea Jones
Favorite Berry Memory: I would say that the first Hackathon I ever attended is tied with my first hike up to the House of Dreams as my favorite Berry moment.

Leah-Anderson.jpgLeah Anderson
Middle Grades Education
Lindale, GA
What's Next: Teaching 7th grade math at Rome Middle School

Margaret-Ashton.jpgMargaret Ashton
Major: Early Childhood Education, French
Minor: Teaching English as a Foreign Language
From: Rome, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Vincent Grégoire and Dr. Eliana Hirano
Favorite Berry Memory: One of my favorite Berry memories is organizing the second annual Berry College Eco Fair. The Fair was three weeks before COVID shut everything down, so I reflected on this happy memory for months, as it was the last time that I saw many of my graduating friends from the class of 2020.
What's Next: Moving to Australia and will be teaching primary school and tutoring French

Henry-Aultman.jpgHenry Aultman
Major: Religion and Philosophy
From: Rome, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Jonathan Huggins, Dr. Jordan Rowan-Fannin, Mike Moniz, Laurie Chandler
Favorite Berry Memory: My freshman service trip with the Bonner Scholars Program
What's Next: Attending Asbury Seminary and will be pursuing a career in non-profits

Sarah-Babione.jpgSarah Babione
Major: Physics
Minor: Music
From: Brooksville, FL

Caitlin-Baggett.jpgCaitlin Baggett
Major: Psychology
Minor: Family Studies
From: Plainville, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Casey Dexter
What’s Next: Starting a job at Advocates for Children as an advocacy coordinator

James Bain
Major: Dual-Degree Engineering
From: Dallas, GA

Sarah-Baker.jpgSarah Baker
Major: Psychology, History
From: Marietta, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Casey Dexter, Dr. Alan Hughes, Dr. Matthew Stanard and Dr. Christy Snider
Favorite Berry Memory: Going to Mellow Mushroom trivia nights with my Berry co-workers!
What’s Next: Going to Fairleigh Dickinson University (New Jersey) to earn a master’s degree in forensic psychology

Justin-Ball.jpgJustin Ball
Major: Sports Administration
Minor: Business Administration
From: Woodville, AL
Sport: Football
Mentors Include: Dr. Mark Howard
Favorite Berry Memory: Playing football and winning 4 conference championships
What’s Next: Working in the sports industry

Daniel-Barber.jpgDJ Barber
Major: Economics
Minor: Business Administration, Legal Studies
From: Roswell, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Frank Stephenson, Dr. Timothy Larsen, Dr. Brian Meehan
Favorite Berry Memory: Creating relationships with the Berry community
What’s Next: Currently working full time as a Federal Accounts Specialist at Insight Global

Madison-Barshick.jpgMadison Barshick
Major: Animal Science, Biochemistry
From: Lexington, VA
Mentors Include: Laura Taylor, Dr. DeLacy Rhodes, Dr. Judy Wilson and Dr. Mark Turlington
Favorite Berry Memory: My time at Berry has been truly special, so it is hard for me to choose a single memory as my favorite. Every Berry event has given me valuable memories that I will treasure forever, but one of my absolute favorite memories is the snow of Finals Week 2017. I was one of the last people on campus before the winter break started, and I was incredibly lucky to get to experience the record-breaking snow. As a Florida girl, it was so exciting to get to see actual snow again and have this amazing memory of seeing the Berry campus covered in snow.
What’s Next: Headed to Virginia Tech to pursue my Ph.D. in the Animal and Poultry Sciences Department and to work under Dr. Sally Johnson, studying equine muscle biology and exercise physiology

Kelsey-Barta.jpgKelsey Barta
Major: Exercise Science
Minor: Chemistry, Psychology
From: Ringgold, GA
Favorite Berry Memory: Hiking and getting to make memories with some of my favorite people
What’s Next: Moving to Chattanooga and working in the hospitals before going to PA school

Breelan-Baxter.jpgBreelan Baxter
Major: Marketing, Management
From: Canton, GA
Mentors Include: Cecily Crow
Favorite Berry Memory: Marthapalooza and living in Emily cottage with 10 of my favorite girls!
What’s Next: Going to Clemson University this summer to pursue an MBA

Alyssa-Beasley.jpgAlyssa Beasley
Major: Nursing
From: Alpharetta, GA
Mentors Include: Shira Kerce, Alicia Gauker, Carrie Barr, Megan Farrow, Cecily Crow, Micayla Beck
Favorite Berry Memory: My favorite memory at Berry is the collection of opportunities and experiences I’ve had and shared with people I love!
What’s Next: Working as a registered nurse on a cardiac unit at Northside Hospital

Lukas-Beddingfield.jpgLukas Beddingfield
Major: Biochemistry
From: Fayetteville, TN
Sport: Men's Swimming

Cyrena-Bedoian.jpgCyrena Bedoian
Major: Environmental Science
Minor: Anthropology
From: Saluda, NC
Sport: Women's Volleyball
Mentors Include: Ginger Swann and Caitlyn Moriarty
Favorite Berry Memory: There is no way I can ever pick just one memory as my favorite. I would have to say the fun dance times in the volleyball locker room, spending time laughing with friends in Centennial or the many vibe drives around campus blasting music.
What’s Next: Hoping to do seasonal work and find technician jobs studying ecological biodiversity

Timothy-Belin.jpgTimothy Belin
Major: Sports Administration, Creative Writing
From: Genolier, Switzerland
Favorite Berry Memory: There is no way I can pick a single favourite memory, but working for the Campus Carrier for the past two years has definitely been a highlight.
What’s Next: Looking for a job in sports journalism

Michael-Bemis.jpgMichael Bemis
Major: Mathematics
Minor: Economics
From: Palm Harbor, FL
Sport: Men's Swimming

Thomas-Benton.jpgThomas Benton
Major: Finance
From: Collierville, TN

Hunter-Berry.jpgHunter Berry
Major: Political Science, Interdisciplinary Studies, Cyber-Law Concentration
Minor: Economics
From: Harlem, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Michael Bailey, Cecily Crow, Dr. John Hickman, Dr. Hamid, Dr. Nate Pearson, Dr. Lauren Heller
Favorite Berry Memory: One of my favorite memories at Berry was my freshman year “Rage in the Cage.” Although it was one of the first events at Berry, so I didn't really “know” anyone too well, it was the night that I really started developing my friend group and circle here at Berry. I met my future girlfriend there, alongside many of my closest friends at Berry now and also got closer to the few I’d already met. It was a night of nothing but fun, whether it was sumo wrestling or roasting marshmallows and one of the times I realized Berry was the place I was meant to be for the next four years.
What’s Next: Pursuing a dual-degree program for Ph.D. in Law and Economics and Juris Doctorate (J.D.) from Vanderbilt University

Alexandra-Bertany.jpgAlexandra Bertany
Major: Nursing
From: Atlanta, GA
Sport: Women's Soccer
Mentors Include: Kathy Insel Brown, Lorenzo Canalis, Eric Gentilelo
Favorite Berry Memory: Meeting my best friends and teammates freshman year on the soccer team
What’s Next: Nurse residency program at Piedmont Atlanta Hospital 

Natalie-Bertram.jpgNatalie Bertram
Major: Animal Science
Minor: Chemistry
From: Juliette, GA

Hallie-Bess.jpgHallie Bess
Major: Environmental Science
From: Ona, WV
Mentors Include: Buster Wright, Stephen Conrad, and Maddie Bess
Favorite Berry Memory: I have too many to pick just one!
What’s Next: Going into the field of solar energy

Rachel-Blackburn.jpgRachel Blackburn
Major: Animal Science
Minor: Chemistry
From: Peachtree Corners, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Belinda Lady and Daniel Payne
Favorite Berry Memory: My favorite Berry memory was when I found my first calf while working at the dairy. Her name is Penny, and she makes me super happy every time I am at work.
What’s Next: Working as a veterinary technician and will be applying for veterinary school in the fall

Taylor-Blaylock.jpgTaylor Blaylock
Major: Elementary Education
Minor: Applied Behavior Analysis, Teaching English as a Foreign Language
From: Nolensville, TN
Sport: Women's Swimming
Mentors Include: Dr. Chang Pu
What’s Next: Going to Taiwan for a Fulbright ETA Grant to teach English at an elementary school

Jack-Boardman.jpgJack Boardman
Major: Economics
From: Atlanta, GA
Mentors Include: David Blalock, Dr. Lauren Heller
Favorite Berry Memory: Getting my biology class credit by diving with sharks in Honduras

Elizabeth-Boling.jpgElizabeth Boling
Major: Nursing
From: Charleston, SC
Favorite Berry Memory: Spending time with all of my friends and enjoying the beautiful campus
What’s Next: Moving to Charleston, South Carolina to be an ICU nurse at the MUSC hospital

Krysten-Bolivar.jpgKrysten Bolivar
Major: Nursing
From: Sugar Hill, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Cindy Johnson and Meredith Johnson
Favorite Berry Memory: I can’t choose just one, but I loved taking drives up to mountain campus with my friends and singing along to our favorite songs.
What’s Next: Starting my nursing career at Northside Hospital

Alexandria-Bolling.jpgAlexandria Bolling
Major: Sports Administration
Minor: Business Administration, Family Studies
From: Dacula, GA
Sport: Women's Basketball
Mentors Include: Rev. Dr. Erin Moniz, Ashley Southern, Thomas Johnson
Favorite Berry Memory: Going to New York City during Christmastime for basketball!
What’s Next: Headed towards working in the sports industry

Randall-Booker.jpgRandall Booker
Major: Exercise Science
From: Memphis, TN
Sport: Football

Amy-Borton.jpgAmy Borton
Major: Nursing
Minor: Spanish
From: Rockville, MD
Mentors Include: Katherine Powell, Carrie Barr, Dr. Pam Dunagan, Dr. Ashleigh Woods, Dr. Ximena Gonzalez-Parada
Favorite Berry Memory: Too many favorite memories! The LLC taking over giant tables at D-hall brunch to sit and chat, playing volleyball the first night of SOAR, standing in my hospital scrubs in front of the hospital on the first day of nursing orientation, taking long walks after a worship service to watch the sky over the mountains, gossiping with friends and going to events on Broad Street.
What’s Next: Medical track of the RN Resident Summer 2021 Cohort of Northeast Georgia Health System (NGHS) at Gainesville and Braselton campuses

Addison Boulware
Major: Marketing, Sports Administration
From: Hixson, TN
Mentors Include: Coach Rich Duncan, Kat Duncanson, Coach K, Dr. Mark Howard, Dr. Melissa Clark and Carol Mixer
Favorite Berry Memory: My favorite memory is winning our 5th SAA Championship with football. The energy on the field in Arkansas is something I will never forget and was a bitter sweet way to finish up my time with the team.

Claire-Bousquet.jpgClaire Bousquet
Major: Finance
Minor: Economics
From: Suwanee, GA
Mentors Include: Garrett Clark and Dawn
Favorite Berry Memory: Raiding all the events for the free food and snacks!
What's Next: Working at Aon in Buckhead, Georgia after graduation as an investment analyst

Grace-Bowers.jpgGrace Bowers
Major: Animal Science
Minor: Business Administration
From: Johnson City, TN
Sport: Equestrian
Mentor's Include: Coach Margaret Ellington and Dr. Judy Wilson
What's Next: Applying to dental school

Brooke-Boyd.jpgBrooke Boyd
Major: Animal Science
Minor: Chemistry, One Health
From: Vestavia, AL
Sport: Women's Swimming
Mentors Include: Dr. Christopher Hall, Dr. Dawn Bresnahan and Coach Paul Flinchbaugh
Favorite Berry Memory: Spending quality time with friends
What’s Next: Attending Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine in the Fall

Elizabeth-Bradshaw.jpgElizabeth Bailey Bradshaw
Major: Economics
Minor: Mathematics, Business Administration
From: Oak Ridge, TN
Mentors Include: Shira Kerce and Dr. Jamie Sharpe
Favorite Berry Memory: It's hard to pick only one favorite memory! Some of the highlights include getting to know so many amazing friends, working for Admissions, finding a family with my small group at The Church at Rome and learning so much from the amazing economics department!
What’s Next: Working on the leadership team at Camp Wesley Woods and will likely continue to work in camping and retreat ministry full-time

Joaquin-Bravo.jpgJoaquin Bravo
Major: Management, International Business
From: Atlanta, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Paula Englis, Dr. Manos Kalargyrios, Dr. Eric Kushins
Favorite Berry Memory: Marthapalooza with my friends and meeting my girlfriend while working during the summer
What’s Next: Doing an MBA at Berry

Alexander-Brice.jpgAlexander Brice
Major: Creative Technologies
From: Dacula, GA
Mentors Include: Zane Cochran, Chris Whitmire and Dr. John Grout
Favorite Berry Memory: My favorite Berry memory is track day for the CRT 330: Vehicles class.
What’s Next: Working as a software engineer for Ingenium Plus

Austin-Brooks.jpgAustin Brooks
Major: Psychology
From: Maryville, TN
Sport: Men's Basketball
Mentors Include: Lee Brooks, Michael Hohol, Tony Saddy, Randy Nesbit, Kevin Windle, Mitch Cole and Trevor Lydic
Favorite Berry Memory: Coming back for the summer of 2020 and rooming with three great guys. We all got really close with each other and made great summer memories.
What’s Next: Attending grad school and playing professional basketball overseas

Thomas-Brooks.jpgThomas Brooks
Major: Sports Administration
From: Peachtree Corners, GA

Kyle Brown
Major: Creative Technologies
Minor: Business Administration
From: Alpharetta, GA

Zion-Brown.jpgZion Brown
Major: Management
Minor: Religion
From: Cumming, GA
Mentors Include: Ginger Swann, Rev. Dr. Erin Moniz, Rev. Dr. Jonathan Huggins, Dr. Parker, Dr. Jordan Rowan Fannin, Dr. Englis
Favorite Berry Memory: I do not have one favorite Berry memory, but I do have a collection of favorites. They involve late nights playing poker with my senior friends, going to the Res & hammocking and just getting into shenanigans on this campus.
What’s Next: Heading to work at Perimeter Church upon graduation as their young adults resident

Hannah-Brunner.jpgHannah Brunner
Major: History
Minor: French
From: Danville, KY
Mentors Include: Sue Tarpley, Dr. Larry Marvin and Dr. Vincent Grégoire
Favorite Berry Memory: I always loved weekly French discussions with Dr. Grégoire. I was able to enhance my ability to speak French and learn about the culture. It was always a highlight of my week!
What’s Next: Planning to attend graduate school and receive a master's in Library Information Science and Legal Studies

Mackenzie-Bryan.jpgMackenzie Bryan
Major: Communication
Minor: Business Administration
From: Alpharetta, GA
Sport: Women's Basketball
Mentors Include: Dr. Brian Carrol and Dr. Samantha Nazione
Favorite Berry Memory: I can't pick just one, but some of my favorites are road trips with my basketball teammates, weekly RA meetings over the years and spending quality time with friends!
Joining the brand communications team at Newell Brands in Atlanta, Georgia supporting the home appliance and food business units

Mikayla-Buckhaulter.jpgMikayla Buckhaulter
Major: Animal Science
Minor: Chemistry, Biology
From: Bainbridge, GA
Mentors Include: Dr. Sunday Peters, Dr. Reneé Carleton and Stephen Wyatt
Favorite Berry Memory: My favorite memories are all of the ridiculous adventures my friends and I got up to - like going on midnight walks around campus and 4 a.m. McDonald's trips. One of those trips included my roommate being covered in blue body paint and us forgetting until we were already at the restaurant, so that one in particular stands out as a favorite.
What’s Next: Attending UGA College of Veterinary Medicine in the fall, hoping to specialize in zoological medicine

Hallie Buffington
Major: Management
Minor: Family Studies
From: Summerville, GA

Mason-Bumgarner.jpgMason Bumgarner
Major: Management
From: Talking Rock, GA

Audrey-Burch.jpgAudrey Burch
Major: Dual-Degree Engineering, Applied Physics
From: Fayetteville, GA

Alexander Burchfield
Major: Accounting
From: Tuscumbia, AL

Luke-Buttram.jpgLuke Buttram
Major: Religion & Philosophy
Minor: Psychology, Chemistry
From: Birmingham, AL
Mentors Include: Dr. Matthew Lee, Dr. Tom Kennedy, Dr. Michael Papazian, and Dr. Kevin Hoke
Favorite Berry Memory: Reading Aristotle

Andrew-Butzow.jpgAndrew Butzow
Major: Creative Technologies
Minor: Web Development
From: Alpharetta, GA
Sport: Men's Track, Outdoor, Men's Track, Indoor, Men's Cross Country

Elizabeth-Byrd.jpgKatherine Byrd
Major: Nursing
From: Kingston, TN
Mentors Include: Dr. Cindy Johnson and Dr. Rebecca Logan
Favorite Berry Memory: There are too many good memories to pick a favorite. My Berry friends have become family and friends to last a lifetime.
What’s Next: Beginning my nursing career at the University of Tennessee Medical Center in their level III NICU

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