Berry College Fine Arts Department - Audition and Scholarship Information

Music Scholarships

Admission into the music program is delegated through an audition process held at various times during the academic year. Once a student is admitted into Berry College, depending on the availability of instrumental positions in the performance groups, the admitted student may need to audition for eligibility into the department as a Music major. The following requirements are expected at auditions:

  • Strings - The performer will be expected to play material of a high school All-State level or two contrasting solos/etudes.
  • Winds - The performer will be expected to play high school All-State audition material or a solo from the repertoire.
  • Percussion - The performer will be expected to play one (1) selection on two different percussion instruments of a high school All-State level.
  • Vocal - The performer will be expected to perform two contrasting pieces from the classical repertoire; memorization and one foreign language piece is recommended, but not required.
  • Piano - The performer will be expected to play two contrasting movements/pieces from the classical repertoire; memorization is recommended, but not required.

The music audition application is now available. If you have any questions about the audition process, please contact Tessa Howard, Admissions Counselor, at or 708.368.6909. 

Auditions are required for students to be considered for eligibility of scholarships and other department-sponsored financial aid. Performance grants for non-majors are available depending on the needs of the performance groups. Academic standards must be upheld in order to maintain departmental grants and scholarships. Music scholarships may be renewed but are subject to review by academic advisors annually.

Theatre Scholarships

Scholarships in Theatre Arts are available for students who intend to major or minor in Theatre at Berry. Scholarships are available to students with experience and demonstrated talent in acting, stage management, playwriting and design/technical activity. Actors need to prepare two memorized, contemporary, contrasting monologues from a published play, approximately 60 seconds each in length (contrasting=serious/comedic). Faculty members in the Theatre program are looking for actors who are actively and imaginatively engaged in the pursuit of an intention/objective rather than merely demonstrating an emotion or personality. The most successful audition piece is one that actively reveals the experience of a person other than the actor him/herself. It is recommended that you select material that you respond to personally. Read the entire play before the audition. Work on the audition piece with advance preparation.

Some basic questions to consider when preparing your audition piece:

  • Who am I?
  • Where am I (what is the time, place)?
  • Who am I talking to
  • Why am I saying this now, or what makes it important to say this now?
  • What am I hoping to achieve by saying this? Or, how do I hope things will change because I say this?

Designers/technicians should be prepared to share a portfolio with design renderings, technical drawings (ground plans/light plots/costume renderings, etc.) as well as production photos. Stage managers should be prepared to share prompt scripts and playwrights should bring several writing samples.

All students are advised to bring a head shot, current resume, and two letters of recommendation from teachers, directors, etc. who can speak to your qualifications and dedication to theatre. During your time on campus we will interview you and provide a tour of our facilities. We would love to offer you the opportunity to sit in on a theatre class and/or a ticket to a production if applicable.

The theatre audition application will be available every fall, evaluated and awarded in the spring for the following year. If you have any questions about the audition process, please contact Tessa Howard, Admissions Counselor, at or 708.368.6909.

We also recruit at the Georgia Thespian Conference, the Georgia Theatre Conference, the Tennessee Theatre Association and the Southeastern Theatre Conference and by special arrangement for those unable to participate in any of the above opportunities.

Current Berry students may also apply for a scholarship, but must also audition or interview as incoming students do. Please contact Lexi Hardman in Admissions to coordinate.

Scholarships are renewable for up to four years.