Intramural Advisory Council

The Berry Intramural Advisory Council is a group where students and faculty/staff work collaboratively to review and improve the Department of Recreation’s intramural sports program. The primary purpose is to review intramural policy, procedures and sport offerings; and provide an open forum for healthy discussion on ways to improve the intramural program.

The Berry Intramural Advisory Council will be composed with a majority of student members with at least five student participants and one faculty or staff member. The council meetings will be facilitated by a member of the Department of Recreation.

The primary responsibilities of the Berry Intramural Advisory Council include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Review current Intramural rules, regulations and policies, and ways to improve them
  • Discuss concerns raised by participants in the various programming areas
  • Discuss new sports options and changes to formats
  • Discuss effective communication methods for captains and participants
  • Review customer service practices

To apply for a seat on the council, send a letter of interest via email: