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What is the Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program?

The Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program changes the lives of students by giving you the opportunity to redirect a portion of your Georgia state income tax to our BCEMS GOAL Scholarship Fund while receiving a dollar for dollar tax credit. Through this remarkable tax credit program, your state tax liability truly has the power to create “Greater Opportunities and Access to Learning” by becoming scholarship dollars.

BCEMS is grateful for all of our GOAL contributors. Current parents and grandparents, alumni, and friends of BCEMS have made an enormous difference by redirecting their taxes. One hundred percent of BCEMS faculty and staff contribute to GOAL because it is clear how important this program is to our school. Your state tax dollars are a gift to the students and families whose lives and futures are changed by the opportunity to attend BCEMS. Your state tax dollars are also a gift to BCEMS that keep our classrooms vibrant and strong with healthy resources. We thank you for your generous and continued support of our school through GOAL tax redirection.

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