Berry Heritage Society

The Berry Heritage Society is an honorary organization recognizing Berry alumni and friends who believe in the value of a Berry education and have made provisions in their will or estate plan to help ensure Berry's future. Membership includes anyone who has made a planned gift to Berry. The amount of the gift does not have to be made known to Berry. Gifts of all amounts can be used to make a difference in the lives of Berry students and are sincerely appreciated.

Some of the most popular types of planned gifts include:

  • Life Income Plans – Creating charitable gift annuities or charitable remainder trusts.
  • Bequests – Naming Berry a whole or partial beneficiary of your will.
  • Life Insurance – Donating a life insurance policy or naming Berry a whole or partial beneficiary of an insurance policy.
  • IRA – Naming Berry a whole or partial beneficiary of an individual retirement account

If you already have named Berry in your estate plan and are not in the Berry Heritage Society, please contact Helen Lansing at or 877-461-0039 (toll free). Thank you!


There are numerous reasons we have the Berry Heritage Society. First and foremost, by letting us know you have made provisions for Berry with a planned gift, we are able to thank you for your generosity. Berry recently received a surprise bequest of $10,000 from the estate of a woman we had never thanked. Of course, we appreciated the gift immensely. Designated for scholarships, it will certainly help us accomplish our mission, but we feel somewhat cheated because we never had the opportunity to express our gratitude to this gracious and generous person. We were unable to let her know how much her gift would mean. If we had only known, we could have said, "Thank you." 

As a member of the Berry Heritage Society, you will be kept up to date about the latest developments at Berry. This includes both campus news and news related to estate planning that may be of interest to members.  

Members also receive stewardship invitations to select events throughout the year here at Berry. These invitations are just a small way for us to say "Thank you" for your charity.


If you prefer to remain anonymous we will gladly abide by your wish. You will be listed as "Anonymous" in Berry's annual Honor Roll of Donors.