Kevin Shepherd: Animal Science to Dentistry

Kevin Shepherd

“Berry’s animal science program allowed me to be in clinical situations from day one. Because I already had so much experience working on animals, when I had to do procedures on people, it was a very small transition.”

Kevin Shepherd came to Berry with the dream of becoming a vet. When his dream changed, he thought he’d have to change his major too, but Professor of Animal Science Dr. Jay Daniel helped him see the value of staying the course. Today, he’s glad he listened.

A 2014 graduate who recently earned a doctorate in dental medicine with distinction in research, Kevin credits Berry’s rigorous academics, rich clinical experiences, and emphasis on hard work and integrity with laying the foundation for his success.

“A Berry professor once told me the classes are hard to prepare me for the rigors of vet school or professional school,” he recalled. “It definitely helped. I graduated dental school in the top 10% of my class.”

In addition, the program’s emphasis on hands-on experience helped Kevin achieve competence and confidence performing a host of medical procedures much sooner than most of his peers at The Dental College of Georgia at Augusta University.